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Thread: Ladies: Check your bra every morning; you just might find a bat.

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    Default Ladies: Check your bra every morning; you just might find a bat.

    Teenager finds baby bat in her bra - Telegraph

    Jaime Eastham, of the Bat Conservation Trust, said they had never heard of a bat being found in a bra before.

    But she said the animals roost anywhere that appears dark and safe.
    Crazy animal.

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    lol, that be a weird thing to happened to you, find a bat in your bra.

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    Don't worry, I'd probably be pretty freaked out too if I felt something furry and sharp crawling against my body.

    Not that I wear a bra, or anything.
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    That was an amusing story....the moral of the story is NEVER hang your bra on the outside line to dry over night!!!

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    Confirmed for Bra(wl) - Frightened Baby Bat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    It's spelt "bra"...Was it a flying bat or the baseball kind
    Learn something new every day.

    And it was the baseball kind, obviously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie F View Post
    Horny animorph?
    heh, yeah, it was probably shodai! XD

    i miss your bat fursona, shodai.

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