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    Hi All;
    I only recently started wearing diapers again last year. I was a bed wetter until I was 25 and wore diapers only at night then suddenly I know longer wet the bed at night. Not sure what happened but I also had just got married and maybe the acceptance of my wife changed my physiological way of thinking but after a few months I gave up diapers. Over a year ago after not wearing diapers for over 40 years I had this urge to try them again so bought my first attends and discovered I really missed wearing diapers. I have now worn them every day and love it. Not because I have to but love to. I now wear Girls XL Goonights for pullups( great under a skirt ) going out and for tapes wear ABU Cushies and waiting for Bambinios To get there Mediums in. I only wet them no messy ones as have changed to many (6 kids) in my lifetime. love my diapers today.

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    cool i started when i was 14 when i got my 1st dry nights and then stoped.when i hit 18 got my 1st pack of moicare extra

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