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    Thumbs down MSN Messenger

    Anyone else having issues with this today???

    I keep getting error "Error 8100030d: Cannot Sign-in to Windows Live Messenger" and apart from what they have told me to do on their site to no alas I still have not been able to log into it since mid day +12GMT

    I am hating to fact that their site says that the messenger network is OK.... but from the support sites who also have this issue say something totally different

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    i get that all the time over her in ireland. just google the error code and there is a load of forums telling you how to fix it and other people having the same prob as well

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    I use Orange Messenger by Windows Live (MSN but rebranded). I've been having a lot of errors today trying to sign in on my phone or computer. I have been getting messages when I try to login saying it couldn't sign in, check the device time. The time was right. After a few tries it let me on and when sending messages I was constantly getting messages saying it couldn't be delivered, try again later. This was about every 3rd message I tried to send.

    That was until about 2 hours ago. Now it seems to be back to normal.

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    I was trying to get on yesterday but I do everything on my iPod (my laptop is sh*t) well anyway it kept closing on me when I signed in ;/ I'll try now!

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    msn is out for me today its weird should i just switch to yahoo or somthing

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