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Thread: When you come to the fork in the road, take it

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    Default When you come to the fork in the road, take it

    Hi all,

    I'm a lifelong baseball fan and the subject line comes from a great quote from Yogi Berra, a Hall of Fame player who was as well known for his malapropisms as he was for his playing ability.

    I came to a fork in the road recently and I took it.

    I am in my 40's and am a lifelong DL, although I was in my late 20's until I knew what a DL was and that there were others like me. The Internet was a life saver for me because it allowed me to find out I wasn't the only one out there like this.

    My fork? I left a long-time marriage that wasn't working. My Ex would claim that my DL was the sole cause, but I would disagree. I tried to suppress being a DL for years. I was able to suppress acting out, but always had the thoughts in my head. It led to huge intimacy problems that exacerbated problems that already existed in the marriage.

    Since leaving the marriage, I have felt free to be myself. I no longer suppress by DL interests. For years I wanted to try diapers other than those I would buy from time-to-time by at a local pharmacy and finally got to buy many different kinds via mail order. After all those years and I find out I'm a vanilla DL -- Depend is my favorite!

    Since the break up of my marriage I met an absolutely wonderful woman, someone who was completely open-minded, but had never heard of DL. I told her from day one about me and she has accepted me with open arms. We have slowly incorporated my DL into our relationship and it is truly amazing. It has been a very long and incredible journey for us and I have learned so much about myself.

    I am joining this group because I've scanned through several posts and I really like the feel I get from you. You are an intelligent, smart and caring group.

    I would assume I'm on the older side of the folks in this group and would love to be able to share my experiences, good and bad, with people struggling to understand something that often defies comprehension.

    Despite my current situation, I still struggle at times trying to understand how I became a DL and how to manage it in my daily life. You may deal with similar feelings and I want to join you and be part of your community. You will help me and I hope to help in return.

    My DL side is truly a small part of me. Who am I? I am a father, employed in the software field, an avid reader, a movie buff and a sports enthusiast. I like a good joke, love to laugh and try to find humor in every day life.

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    Hey, I'm new too, glad to hear you didn't get cuaght wasting your whole life in a broken marriage and even more that you found someone. Huge film buff myself, what movies you into?

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    I lean towards inane comedies -- Raising Arizona, Meet the Parents, but love good Indie films too like Children of Heaven and Rabbit-Proof Fence. How about you?

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    Wow, that is an awesome backstory! Welcome! I give a ton of credit to those who take an active role in their lives and make changes when necessary, so I'm glad to see you've found a relationship that trul works for both of you.

    Again, welcome!

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    hi and welcome to the site hope u enjoy it

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    Excellent intro. Makes many points worth commenting on. Yes, we are a smart group: even though it is my belief we are absolutely normal in terms of our interests, IQ, abilities, and personal success. The nature side - the extent to which we are preprogrammed genetically - seems to match normal distributions in the population; but the further influence of nurture - environmental influences - especially this site - brings out the best of us. We strive to play the hand we were dealt intelligently. We focus on effective communication; we value clear prose that expresses ideas well; spelling and grammar are part of that; we aim for high standards and achieve them. Socially have seem members grow by leaps and bounds, losing shyness, gaining social skills. Being among a non-judgmental crowd where relative strangers value your input without them dropping their standards produces an overall environment in which we flourish.
    Your example of leaving a bad but stable relationship tells us we can do the same; whether that means switching majors, wives, or moving on our own to pursue the things we want.
    The lack of negativity towards sufferers of all manner of ongoing personal problems and a willingness to offer sympathy and support is a main feature of the site. Yes, niceness toward each other is highly valued here.

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    Wow! That was a great introduction. I relate to so much of what you said. I've never been married, but have been in on-off relationships in which I struggled with how to bring up my diaper interests. I've also had this "thing" nearly my whole life, and didn't discover others out there until my 20s. Knowing you are not alone makes a world of difference. I still have hope that I will be able to share this part of who I am with a significant other one day.

    Glad you are here!

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