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Thread: Brainwave Controled Ears

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    o.o Thats awesome. ^-^ looks like they need to work on making the processor smaller. It looks a little chunky.

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    you know, with all this stuff like mentally controlled ears and tablet pc's, it's cool to think about what comes next. we be in the future, baby!

    also, i betcha that in the next 20-30 years there's gonna be an explosion of mentally-controlled products.

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    I'm not a furry... I wouldn't want to have "cat-ears"... but none the less I think it's damn cool... the tech behind it is quite amazing... just imagine what could all be done with it

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    There's a longer video of people trying it out. Some of them managed to make them swivel around, which I assume means they're thinking of something funny or naughty ;P One old man seemed able to quickly go from relaxed to perked to relaxed again. I think if nothing else, you could make a party game out of how much control you have over your thoughts.

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    This reminds me of the jedi force trainer.

    so far this technoloy can only measure like, the frequency/intensity of brainwaves, so the more/less er harder you think.

    Anyway, AWSOME.

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    you could use these as lie detectors for CSI, FBI, ect!

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    This 'technology' has been around. At this point I'm not particularly impressed as other impostor type devices in the market lie and say it measures something inside your brain when in actuality it does not. I do not know the details of this specific product, but there are 'toys' out there selling for $60 under the guise of being some kind of mind reading thing as well.

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