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    One of the reasons that I had stayed away from wearing diapers after I first got them was that I had obtained a diaper rash. If I do choose to use diapers does anyone know of a surefire way of not getting a diaper rash? Because that sucked and it was really painful.

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    i would say probably the same for preventing them with children, baby powder and maybe diaper cream, and if you really fill it don't stay in the diaper too long. Baby powder would be your best bet tho, if my son was anything to go by.

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    I currently use baby powder at every change and use Desitin diaper rash cream as well. This tends to work very well unless I stay in a wet diaper to long.

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    Basically, urine is warm, full of chemicals, and slightly acid (I think) - so the longer it has contact with the skin, the worse a rash will be. So make sure you use cream and powder if you are planning to be sat in a wet nappy for too long! Plus... don't sit around for hours on end once it's soaked!

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    Use desitin, or something similar. That is the best bet. Baby powder doesnt hurt either.

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    Having had that a couple times recently I agree that yes, it is more than a little unpleasant. Taking a shower stings, using Desitin stings, lots of itching... Ugh.

    As said, baby powder and diaper rash cream are your friends. Diaper-free time to let your skin air dry is also a very common recommendation to parents and a good thing. Occasional shift back to Big Kid underpants, or even training pants, to let your privates air out. The breathable diapers, i.e. Abena Air, are also good.

    Diaper rash is more likely with snug or too-small diapers, so if using something that isn't really sized appropriately make sure you have some periodic diaper-free air time. Oh, and #2 is a major trigger for rash, regardless of how good the diaper is, since it is something that can't be wicked away from the skin. Change soon after if you do #2.

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