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Thread: want to go deep into abdl

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    Default want to go deep into abdl

    im looking for ideas on going deep into the abdl. i have used bottles, dummys. i also have a onesie. so please drop some ideas on wat i should do

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    Well you seem to be about as far into abdl as most people care to go. Perhaps you could make a day out of it and just spend some time regressing if that's what you're into. Maybe find something else thats related to the fetish that you might enjoy (lot's of people enjoy footed sleepers, etc.)

    I don't know what else there is to do beyond that, except finding someone to share your fetish with. But this can be a volatile situation and as such I can't condone risking ones well-being in order to do so.


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    ok thanks but footed pj's are hard to buy in ireland. i did meet up with some twice. ill try other site's to find some 1 2 meet and share it with. at the moment im alone in it.

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    Have you got a Primark in Ireland? They've suddenly started to sell a shed load of different footies in the English shops now!

    As for finding someone, there's a lot of posts on here about successful "coming out" stories - or even finding a partner online - I suggest you read those topics to see whether they help!

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    thanks for the help by Primark u mean penneys which we all over the ireland but i dident c any footies the last time i went in. and as for ill check the coming out posts on here

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    I bought a little wooden toy train set to play with, you know the ones with the little magnets that hold them togeter. I had always wanted one since i was little. I like to watch morning cartoons and play with it. Some times my stuffed animals block the tracks.

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    cool i might buy some toys thanks for the idea

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    Try online rp, or join other ab's in a live setting. It is entirely possible to be into something and not sure how to go about it; how many people loved Lord of the Rings who would have loved to roleplay characters in that genre... but didn't until a game-system came along? Me for one. Same with the live role playing of Dungeons and Dragons style games, where it took a company, actors, scripts, and a game system, and a lot of fellow players all buying into the consensual illusion to make it happen.

    I was a born fur. But that was in my young days; I read anthro books, and make-believed as a furry character; but such few other kids as I could get to go along with my games weren't into it, couldn't co-produce stories, and I ran out of ideas and hadn't the initiative to persist until I put it firmly on the back burner, where it simmered until the I discovered the internet and a wide and varied subculture now well in advance of anything I might have dreamt up.

    A little more on me. As a practically life-long dl, when I was finally free to indulge, I assumed I must be one of them adult babies I read about, and tried some stuff, but it wasn't for me. I thought I must be doing it wrong; or I must be deficient in some way. (Flipping great. I discover I am not the only dl in the world but apparently the "normal" padded people are all busily and merrily pwaying wiff der bwocks and large legos and sucking pacis and I am weird, among the weirdos. Just fwipping - I mean flipping - great.

    Just because you accept and like yourself and how you are doesn't automatically mean you know how to go about being yourself; a guide and mentor can help. A Yoda if you will.

    It is OK to watch the other ageplayers from a corner and figure out what kinds of live rp you want to do, what is within your boundaries for personal space and for what would be fun. Maybe you will enjoy playmates; maybe solo is boring and uninspiring. Maybe ONLY solo will work and you will just feel ridiculous watching a bunch of grown ups with kids in daycare so they can also spend a few hours in daycare; maybe you would rather be little but not infantile. Whatever your bag, don't blame yourself for not being able to imagine the world you want to explore without some guidance and pointers; the main thing is to explore and discover what directions you might take, for fun and profit.

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    Ok thanks

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    Looking for footed sleepers? Have you looked on ebay? There are normally lots of them on there if you search right (ways to search - footed sleeper, adult baby, etc). Most people who sell them also ship overseas, so this is an option. Just keep a watch out and you can find some good buys on them.

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