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    Smile The shadow is here

    Hi everyone!
    I signed up today (actually a few minutes ago ) and the first thing I wanted to do was write an introduction, so here it is:

    Iīm 17 years old and live in germany (yup, that does mean Iīm german ).
    I spend a lot of time on drawing and painting and I like pretty much everything about art in all kinds, forms and shapes (I even have a favourite painter...creepy huh?).
    Other hobbies of mine are:
    playing video games
    watching (good) movies
    and reading books, although I havenīt read a lot lately.

    The interest in diapers has always been part of my life and I really canīt remember a time without it, while my interest in the (baby)furdom has evolved over the past two years.

    I decided to sign up mostly because I wanted to talk and interact with people know...just like to be the way they are and donīt get freaked out by the idea of wearing diapers or diapered animals

    Well, thatīs pretty much everything there is to know about me (for now...)

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