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    any one here know any place's in dublin that sell nappies. please tell me the brands and price's and i dont want 2 link of online stores

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    If Dublin is anything like England, you may be able to get Boots' own brand called StayDry. Supermarkets will possibly sell Tena or Depends pull-ups, but not disposable nappies. As you don't want to buy online, your only other bet is to find a mobility store - a larger store may sell a medical quality nappy.

    Just as a side note, the tone of your post is a little harsh - you might get a better response if you ask in a polite manner. :-)

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    ok thanks dublin is not like england but i wish we had an asda so any we do have boots over here

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    Medical Equipment Mobility Aids Appliances Disability Home Care Pressure Seating Beds Chairs Hoisting Hoist Telecare Shower Bathroom Environmental Bespoke Paediatric Hospital Community Clinic Bariatric Independent Security - I don't know if any of these are easy for you to travel to, but they are mobility suppliers so might sell a better nappy then you'll find in boots.

    Also, I noticed in an earlier post you made you stated you got a pack of nappies 3 years ago - where did you find them? In Dublin?

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    sorry i did buy them in a shop i no of. im looking 2 find any other place over here i dont no of. adult nappies are very hard 2 get over here

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