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Thread: Could you live like Stanley Thorton in taboo?

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    Default Could you live like Stanley Thorton in taboo?

    Wearing 24/7 is not the same as being an AB 24/7, I can imagine myself wearing 24/7 or close to it since really the only downfall is simply leaks and getting a weak bladder. I can still function as a normal adult and what not. In my personal opinion going to such an extreme is just out of the question, I enjoy being an adult too much. Hell I'm a public speaker I enjoy speaking and giving seminar and what not so yeah.... I have a immense social life my friends all come over to play Halo, COD,Smash Bros and Little Big planet.... I'm very social person and I enjoy it. I also like having intellectual debate and discussion and I mostly enjoy going to college.

    So personally I cannot even conceive living like that, sure having AB furniture but I usually regress about an hour a day and maybe not even then. and I'm one of the few that indulges in my infantilism the most around these parts (from what I gather) So yeah what about you guys? I know it's like your fantasy but is it a fantasy that you see yourself trying to achieve? Personally I have a 3some fantasy but presented with the opportunity I would deny it since I just don't see myself doing it. Make sense?

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    He doesn't live as a baby 24/7 - he spends about half his waking life as a baby, and I guess the other half as his adult self.

    I don't think I could live like that permanently - I want to have a job and to work and I like doing adult things with my adult friends and things. But I think if I had a lot of time off and a person to enjoy it with I could probably live like that for a while - being an AB at mealtimes, bedtimes and bathtimes etc and having some playtime throughout the day, but then I would still need to be able to be grownupjess at least some of the time. If I had the person to do it with I would certainly indulge in my AB side more than I do. I find it very, very difficult to regress without outside stimulus, and whilst occasionally a TV show can help there is nothing like having a person to regress with. If I had a Daddy who was happy to indulge in my little side I can imagine me being littlejess for a few hours of every day and likely more on weekends.

    That said, in the long term I imagine I would get bored of it after a while. And beyond that more so than to wanting a fulfilling career I want to have a family and children - When I have my own children I will of course put my little side aside and wouldn't want to be spending much time indulging in my little side. I certainly don't think I could make a decision to be a baby for half my adult life permanently, but with the right person and the right amount of time off it may be fun for a while.

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    I'm sorry but I sure couldn't. I mean, it'd be fun to be a baby for a while, but 24/7? NO. I like my adult life too much, I like being in control of my life, playing COD, Madden, GTA, and Medal of Honor with my firends and I like going to my bar for a few beers when I can afford it.

    I wouldn't mind being a baby if I could still watch my TV news, ESPN, Dallas DVDs, and my teams. I doubt I would be sane enough for long with kiddie shows all the time. I would go nutsy fagan. I like my adult life. I wouldn't mind being ababy who wore diapers for mommy, used bottles for her, and so forth. But still have my adult interests.


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    Say I wanted to pass this on about Stanley Thorton. It looks like Senator Tom Coburn is getting into why Stanley can do all the things he does on the show and is getting assistance from our government:

    Senator Tom Coburn demands to know why 'adult baby' is allowed to claim benefits | Mail Online

    Interesting don't you think?

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    Couldn't do it. There are still fun aspects of being an adult. E.g. getting drunk, driving, concerts...

    For me, it's about balance. The little fur inside never leaves, but occasionally let's the adult take the reins.

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    While I would love the chance to live as an adult baby, I find the aspects of being a adult a whole lot more enjoyable.
    I have done the 24-7 diaper thing, enjoyed wearing and useing my diapers 24-7, but found that even after a few of years of doing that I missed haveing a social life, and by the time I was able to repotty train myself I found that I was so far out of the social life circle I was now a outcast, as I do not fit in with any social group.
    The lack of friends does hinder ones life, and soon you find yourself avoiding all social events as you are so far out of the loop you could not begin to understand what happening.

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    No, I have absolutely no desire to let a kink rule my life in such a manner, and to be honest I'm rather annoyed that Taboo would present this extreme case as something even remotely representative of this community as a whole.

    I am an AB. That means from time to time I get sexual kick out of putting on a diaper and partaking in some babyish behavior. It's a kink. It's a private thing that I spend a tiny portion of my time doing - no more than any "normal" person spends having sex, for example. This is not how paraphilic infantilism was portrayed, and while I'm certainly not surprised that they didn't give a realistic look at it, I'm still irritated.

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    Sort of yes, but sort of no. I'm not completely sure how to explain it, especially having not seen the episode. I can only guess that there are some ways I would want to live like that & also some ways that I would not want to live that way. I probably wouldn't quite want it to be a 24/7 thing. Maybe 24 hours, 4 days of the week. Or maybe 8 hours every day. Basically, very often, but not every living second. Actually, maybe you could say I'd want 24/7, just under my own terms to some extent. I don't do too many adult things, but occasionally you need to act mature to some extent. (What adult things do I do? I go to the casino once every few months (I don't bet big) and maybe an occasional alcoholic drink, but I do not get drunk) I imagine he's more of a baby age while I am more toddler-ish
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    There are times where that sounds appealing. Not having to worry about money, bills, and so forth. But really, being a human is all about moving forward, developing and making yourself better. Why would I want to go back for good?

    I wouldn't mind going a week or so every few months/years like that. Otherwise, I would imagine it would get really, really old.

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