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Thread: i lost my virginity to a prostitute.

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    Exclamation i lost my virginity to a prostitute.

    basically me and my friends were out, and since it was my last night out in singapore they were like "dude were getting you laid"

    so then like we all went down to sg's red light district and got ourselves prostitutes...

    me and " mine" went to the shower together and then i did it with her in ALOT of ways, but in the end I didn't cum.

    ** probably because i was pretty drunk by then and thus my dick was like 1/2 of the size it usually is

    anyway... lol what do u guys think? pretty f*ked up right?

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    I just hope you didn't lose your health as well... though you apparently lost your mind.

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    I think your pretty stupid.

    To make myself clear, I think your pretty stupid for doing that, not in the general sense.
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    Footed P.J.


    I'm wondering why you even bring this up. Bragging? Some question related to it you need to ask advice on? Does this thread really need not to be closed?

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    All I can do is make a lol.

    Honestly, I have no place to judge, Andrew. As long as you were safe and enjoyed yourself, I'm not a person to judge what you did. We live in different places where laws and things are not necessarily the same.

    I'd just say ... if you were going to make a habit out of this, just make sure you're sober next time. I can't suggest that you do it again, but I'm not you. I know I wouldn't.

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    seriously, can the person who just negged my rep come out pleaseeee...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandi View Post
    I think your pretty stupid.

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    Um. Wow. At least your first time was special, hm? >>;

    *cough* And when I say special...

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    dude u kinda had to be there. all my buds were pressuring me.. i was like no no, and then i chugged a bit, and then i was like f*k it, and they were like way...

    i dno i mean its summer, im 17. blehhh
    *btw prostitution is legal in singapore

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrew-free View Post
    *btw prostitution is legal in singapore
    Precisely. Which is why it's not my place to tell you that what you did was wrong. By standards, especially legal ones, it's not! And with that legality likely comes the need for women who sell their bodies to get regular tests and keep clean to business standards. Spreading around sexually transmitted diseases would be awfully harmful to their booming business, so I'm sure that there are standards there that are being met.

    Do I believe that you deserve negative reputation, Andrew? No, I don't. Why? This is the mature topics forum, and you posted something about a mature topic. If we're going to negative rep everybody who starts a "controversial" topic here, then we might as well go back and start negative-repping all of those damned drug and religion and gun threads.

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