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Thread: poll: photic sneeze reflex

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    baby kiffer

    Default poll: photic sneeze reflex

    Well, I've searched the forums, and I feel rest-assured this has not been posted

    Here is the question: Do any of you sneeze (or have the urge to) when you look at bright light? (the sun, for example)

    Evidently, it is a genetically inherited (autosomal [not sex linked] dominant, according to this guy) malformation of the nerves that run from your nose and eyes...they link together. If the retinal nerves are overstimulated (via bright light), it triggers the nerves in your nose. It could also be caused by the use of tobacco.

    You can see the wiki article here, but you should read the primary sources, below, that wiki used.

    Individual differences with respect to the sneezin...[Hum Hered. 1983] - PubMed Result

    The photic sneeze reflex as a risk factor to comba...[Mil Med. 1993] - PubMed Result

    Solar Sneeze Reflex

    The photic sneeze response: a descriptive report o...[J Am Optom Assoc. 1995] - PubMed Result

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    I've had this suggested to me when I've had to sneeze. I don't know whether it was a coincidence or not, but sometimes it seems to work, but sometimes it does nothing at all.

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    Yes! As far back as I can remember, soon as I get out in the bright sunlight it triggers a sneeze. My son is the same way. I just figured the bright light made my eyes water which trickled down through the tear ducts into my nose causing the sneeze trigger to activate.


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    When I'm about to sneeze, I look to bright lights because it helps me to finish it and not loosing the sneeze, but normally I don't sneeze just because of bright light. When I look to the sun I'm more likely to have a terrible headache until going to sleep, rather than a sneeze.

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    I sneeze when looking at the sun most of the time, but not all.

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    I do... just walking outside can make me have to sneeze... It's quite annoying... I can stop sneezing outside after about 5 minutes.

    I usually just dive for cover under a tree or something, it works sometimes, although it sometiems doesn't and i still sneeze...

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    Not only do I sneeze sometimes because of bright sunlight, it almost killed me when I was 14. I was crossing a busy highway, and the last thing I can remember was how bright the sun was. It's like I went into a trance. Apparently I just walked out into the oncoming traffic. I was hit by a car running the light at 40 mph. While unconscious, I was in this place, asleep in a bed surrounded by a bright light, and I was totally at peace. When I came to, I was laying face up on Rt. 37 with a broken leg. Six months later I was able to go back to school. Sunlight does weird things to me.

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    When I look at the moon i don't sneeze... The moon is the sun to me at the moment.

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