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Thread: Considering trying the Abri-Form

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    Default Considering trying the Abri-Form

    From XPMedical of course. I just have a few questions

    The size medium from what the website says, will fit my size (my waist size is 42, I just measured it for the sake of this question) but then again, the large says the same thing. What my question essentially is, does anyone have about the same waist size as me? If so, what size best worked for you?

    My next question is, should I get the abri-form number 3 or 4? It looks very close in absorbancy according to their website, so I'm leaning toward the 3, but if you think the 4 is worth the extra money, please let me know why. This is a tough decision, let alone whether I should get medium size or large.

    My last question is, is there anything I need to keep in mind when going to put it on or does it use a complicated taping system?

    Thanks in advance for all the help, I really appreciate it.

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    Bigger is usually better if you are close to the cut off size.

    3 or 4 is personal preference. I think my next pack will be 3s because it's rare that I can use a 4 to capacity. But if you like to wear during the day and wet a lot the 4s could be worth it.

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    I prefer the 4's (aka the x-plus) just because they're thicker, I love the thickness :P. But it's really up to you. I agree with MasterPython and recommend the larges. Better to have something a little too big but still wearable, then something too small.

    As for the tapes, they're just standard double tapes, you have to kinda make sure you get them in the right position first time, otherwise you'll have to use that extra tape which can be annoying :O.

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    I agree with getting the large Abenas The difference between the 3 and 4 is that the padding is the same thickness in the entire diaper instead of just the middle. I also like to share about my own sizing dilemmas. I'm a size 38 and I have to say that I have a hard time getting diapers fitting right. Especially with Bambinos because the landing strip is a good bit smaller than the flaps themselves. Wearing the medium sizes cause me to waddle more than the large when its snug. I love the waddling effect of the mediums. I also love the higher rise on the large ones. I have to choose my desire when ordering. If I have both, I wear both lol

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    Thanks everyone! Large it is. Now I just gotta order 'em. I think I'll go for the L3, because L4 only comes with 10. I'm not in the situation to order a whole case, therfore I'm just going to order one pack of L3's, which isn't a problem because I can make 20 of them probably last about 3 months, depends on my binges.
    Again thanks all three of you. I appreciate the help.

    Ok, last question (I'm serious this time, I promise! :P) Do you get a Fedex tracking code? That way I know to sit upstairs and wait for their arrival that day? Or would I have to contact them for one? Or do they plain just not offer tracking?
    EDIT: Ok, all ordered, can't wait to try the L3, blah blah you know what I mean. Now to wait and see how good FedEx ground is.
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