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Thread: First public diaper-wearing...Help?

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    Default First public diaper-wearing...Help?

    I've only worn diapers in the comfort of my home so I'm looking for some tips on the transition to wearing at someone else's home. This may sound a bit lame but I am going to a sleepover and have never worn at one before...if anyone has any tips on either concealing it or "coming out" about it, I would be very appreciative.

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    Hey i don't have any real tips because i'm the same situation as you but just want to say good luck

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    Ha, thanks you too.

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    I also have yet to attempt. However, statik wrote a fantastic piece on the matter. You should be able to find it at

    Hope this helps and good luck!
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    Gahhh, my computer doesn't like the link...but thanks anyway XD

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    Try the link again....

    Also... why? (I hate having to ask this same basic question again and again) I take it you're not incontinent, and these people you're sleeping over with aren't abdls or even aware. So why do it? Is it that much of a push just to not wear for one night?

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    I wet the bed, I sort of have to..

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    I thought: Let me give you some useful remarks...

    First of all, it is very exciting. (For me it still is exciting and it always will be). The embarrassment when something really goes wrong just is too much for me anyway, so I take great care about things before I go out.
    What I did in the past is using a couple of diapers/brands and really 'learn' to know them. After some time you know what a diaper can handle and how much it can hold without leaking. I prefer Tena (I am in Europe) because it has a very good fit and it can hold a lot. Sitting on it will not turn it into a saggy leaking bastard: The wetting is soaked up in these diapers and stays there.
    Then, I recommend to use a pair of plastic pants. The same rule counts here: After using them at night and during day time in your private surroundings you really got to know them. (I took some risk today: Went out in a diaper with a new pair of Gary plastic pants I never have used before ;-) (They are absolutely very good!) My favorite brand is Suprima. (German brand). They are suburb, because their elastics are covered with the same plastic as the panties themselves.
    Using a pair of plastic pants directly over your diaper i find not a good idea. It looks great (with see through panties) but this does not much for you 'in the field'. I recommend to buy some old sport shorts. Put one of those over your diaper first, and then put on your plastic pants. If the diaper leaks a bit, then, your shorts will catch this wetness and will spread it out a bit. Your plastic pants will avoid leaking through the legs.
    Here and there I read that people then cover the whole bunch up with a pair of boxer shorts before they put on a pair of jeans. They say that boxer shorts will hold all in place. This I never do: The sport shorts have strings on them to knot around your waist, so this problem is solved. Stacking too much pants will make you too bulgy anyway. Family members will immediately see that !
    I use (baggy) jeans, or better, a track suit. No one will expect diapers under a track suit ;-) Adidas is my favorite brand, hence my nickname. Pity that we cannot post pictures here, then, I could show you what I mean.
    Today I had my diaper refreshed at 9 in de morning, using it throughout 4 PM today. We went to the grocery's, the market, and a few shops. Another thing I can tell you that before we left I knew that my diaper was already quite wet at the front.... ;-)
    Anyway, I hope this is useful for you. Have fun in public.

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    Ha, thanks. I ended up going and woke.up not too wet. and no one seemed to notice my crinkly.diaper so I was good

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    here's a quick question that i have, though i have worn in public before: Is it a bad idea to wear a diaper with shorts?

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