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    Has this ever happened to you? I thought it was actually pretty cool, though unexpected. I was at a social function, and toward the end of the night I was rather wet and decided it was time for a change. When I went to the bathroom to do so, there was another guy at the sink tucking his shirt in, and his diaper was showing! I did not say anything, nor did he, but I just thought it was a nice moment of reality. That is... wearing a diaper, for whatever reason, is pretty common. it makes me all the more unashamed of my need.

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    yes I have but only on a disabled man, so not really a "diaper sighting" if you like.

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    Sure, I've seen them on plenty of elderly folks, but there is just nothing exciting to me about someone wearing who needs to wear. Might as well get a thrill from seeing a dude walking with a cane. It's just another necessity for a lot of people.

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    I've never seen (noticed) another person wearing one in public other than my grandfather who wore for the last ten years of his life. I did see an adult pull up thrown next to the toilet in a stall one time. This was at a rest stop in NorCal that I pass through often to get to the coast. I'm sure I've walked right by others wearing without noticing as most of us have.

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