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    Default What would you do if...

    Suppose that you're sitting in a messy diaper, when someone (your parents, siblings, whatever) gets home. You're sitting there, and then you find out that you have to go with them to do (errands, dinner, etc). What would you do?

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    Ugh... first thought would be "damn what a fubar situation".
    second thought I'd either play the "damn, got diarrhea and just had to fart... get out of my way and make sure the run to the toilet is not blocked..." then I would run for the toilet get the diaper off make nasty farting sounds try to hide the diaper as best as possible clean myself good and act as normal as possible after hanging the "death-zone" sign up on the door of the smelly bathroom...

    Then again I HATE messing diapers... and never want to have that "sensation" ever again.

    With a slightly soaked diaper? well I'd just tag along and would maybe grab my backpack containing a fresh diaper to change sometime...

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    Been there, done that...usually I can get away with "Im just gonna go take a quick shower first" or if there's not enough time for that, ecuse yourself saying you need to use the restroom first, then clean up the best you can & hide the messy diaper.
    I have on occasion been caught with no way out, in which cases I just play cool and so far no one has said anything. Definitely a situation to try to avoid though. Usually you can spit out an excuse to get out of it, or at least buy you time to clean up first.

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    I'd tell them "Alright fine but let me take a crap first. I think I sharted" Essentially go to the bathroom and finish pooing and then take a shower (regardless of diaper or no diaper I always take a shower after pooing). THen put the used diaper in between my legs come out in a towel wrapped around my area and run to my room. Pretty simple really...

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    Wow. That's a frightening thought; one I've never considered before. I would run into the bathroom and immediately turn on the shower without saying a word. I'd worry about the smell I left behind, but I suppose it could be played off as bad flatulence... :P

    Something similar, though not as terrifying, occurred recently to me. One night, I was cozy in my footie pajamas and I was wearing a Super Dry Kids underneath. My wife was away for the night, hanging out with a friend. Hearing a knock at the door and two voices clued me into that not only was she home early, but she (to my surprise) also brought her friend, as well. On top of this, she didn't have her house key with her!

    So, I had to go to the door and say to my wife through it, to both of them, "I just got out of the shower, so give me a chance to run into the room." I unlocked the door and streamed towards the bedroom.

    Luckily, none was the wiser. I told my wife what I was actually doing later. She just laughed, gave me a hug and a "sorry."

    Ahhh...the excitement of being an AB...

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    I would just tell them to give me five minutes to prepare first. Then I would clean up, change and act like nothing happened. I would never mess though and I never have, but if that were to somehow happen, that's what I would do.

    But if it was just wet, I could deal with it for a little while and it wouldn't be that big of a deal for me if I had to leave immediately. Usually that doesn't happen, so it gives me time to change and do whatever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragsnick View Post
    I'd tell them "Alright fine but let me take a crap first. I think I sharted"
    Not gonna lie... I lol'd. Hard.

    I'd probably do the same thing. "Gimme 5 minutes. I had a trenta and Chipotle for lunch."

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    Has kinda happened. I was in my room and my dad came home ( he always likes to come up and bug me)

    So i Just ran and changed asap, kept diaper in the bathroom under the sink

    he did knock on door while i was changin but i convined him to thinki was jacking off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shukkume View Post
    Not gonna lie... I lol'd. Hard.

    I'd probably do the same thing. "Gimme 5 minutes. I had a trenta and Chipotle for lunch."
    Glad I could make you laugh!

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    First off I hope it would never happen to me! I don't mess in my diapers that often...
    I think it would depend on how much of a mess is in my diaper. Sometimes it could just be a little bit. If so I think I could get away with just leaving it on if it isn't a smelly one. Otherwise I would go and clean up first

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