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Thread: Whats the longest that you've ever held your pee?

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    Default Whats the longest that you've ever held your pee?

    Whats the longest that you've ever held your pee?

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    Good answer, Pojo!! I will second that!!

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    You've never experience pain from holding it, unless you've had it as a diabetic...sometimes I can go and then 15 minutes later I'm bursting to go again...and if I don't, I leak a little...

    It doesn't happen so much anymore (thankfully)...but still, every once in awhile

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    I've gone at least 24h. I got no pain, I didn't even really feel like I had to go, I just did because it was probably a good idea. I've never been able to hold it until I can't hold it anymore.

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    The OP's name....heh..hehheh I am cornholio...heh..heheheh

    Anyways, I've held it for the better part of the day(like 10 hours)

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    Huh. O_o I don't know what's the longest I held mine.. but I can go hours without using a bathroom. Mostly 'cause I hate using public bathrooms. Grr. XD

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