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Thread: To other Atheist(s)

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    This post is not meant to offend anyone, but it is my thoughts and questions, I'd appreciate the thoughts of other atheists.

    Well, I'm tired of being looked down upon for my beliefs, It seems that we atheist have a horrible reputation. Ironically, it seems to me that it stems from an idea that we are not tolerant of others' beliefs. Mainly it seems that most of the issues are with people of the christian faith at least in the U.S. Obviously, this is not because of Christianity, but because Christians make up the majority of the people in the U.S. All of this Makes me wonder why we have this reputation.

    Here are some of my thoughts:

    In the U.S. all the people I have met of other faiths seem more tolerant. This makes sense to me because other religions in the U.S. are treated Unequally. They share respect, and they in turn, want the same respect. I think this is a main reason why our issues are mainly with Christians.

    Okay, so now the question I ask myself is, Why does this attitude exist with atheism and other religions? Obviously, I can't speak for everyone, so I'll put my reasons.

    It is hard, when it comes up that I'm atheist (I try not to bring it up) and someone gives you that look. Some people assume I hate religion, or that I want to talk them out of their beliefs. (Neither of those are true) Then, their have been quite a few times, that people want to have that one way debate about religion, with questions like how can't you believe... Finally their are people who tell you your going to hell, and look at you like you're scum. But the worse for me is when people dismiss your beliefs, and say something like, "Your just mad at God" or "everybody questions" For me I always think, "How can I be mad at something that is not real?" or "I don't question, I disagree."

    Then, I don't like it when people of ANY religion use faith to treat other people wrongly. enough said.

    So, why do the issues arise? I don't announce I'm atheist or ask people of their faith. I saw the post by Dragsnick, asking if we would have a problem if someone asked us to church.

    I don't have an issue with it, in fact I have gone a couple of times to support family being baptized or confirmed. His question made me think about it. It would bother me if Christians ask me to come to their church, if it is not for support or for a unique experience. I do not like it when other people want their beliefs to mean more then mine. If some one wants me to listen to their faith, shouldn't they listen to mine?

    I'm sorry for the late night rant, but sometimes this stuff bothers me, and tonight for some reason it does. Thanks for your thoughts.


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    some people do it because it makes them feel better about themselves. i'm not saying that's only true about christians or any other religious denomination, because everyone does it at some point.

    just ignore 'em and move on.

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    I'm as atheistic as it gets... Never been baptized or any other thing, never signed up for ANY religion although I've read my share about the stuff and have had many interesting talks&disputes on the subject of religion.
    I don't believe in any god(s) / savior(s) / holy-stuff / ... I'm also a nihilist when it comes to "afterlife" - I tend to believe we truly cease to exist once we die... at least I'm totally fine with that thought - and if it would be any other way, I guess there's nothing to be done and I'll find out anyways

    I've been to church a good number of times with close relatives / good friends on certain occasions (weddings, baptism,...) I've been to a few buddhist ceremonies with two good friends as they are very into it and it was a special thing.
    I've been to ... many religious things, including hinduistic burning of the body, muslim stuff... ...
    and I certainly DO NOT have any problem being there and listening or participating TO SOME EXTENT.
    With participating I mean, when I go to a church and everyone gets up or sits/kneels down I can go along ... I would not participate in any ritual such as speaking any vows or singing very religious songs... but I have no problem being there.
    Just because I don't believe in all of the stuff it doesn't mean it's wrong or bad... and I certainly am not here to judge.

    But I have once in a while encountered a person who was practically "offended" by my atheistic/nihilistic views... I've been called heretic, and other names alike and I truly don't mind.
    I believe this most often comes from insecurity within a religious individual who feels that their religious view is challenged or worse threatened if they are confronted with anyone contradicting their believes.
    I have found this is often the case with people who strongly buy into the "my god is the only real god out there" thing.
    Of course anyone who comes along with a different believe is a "threat" as why would there be any other believe if "my" believe if the only real one...
    also I've gotten that attitude once in a while from missionary type zealots... (the ones who really try to push it down your throat...)
    The later I truly despise.

    just my 35 cents...

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    ^^ Nice that you'd mention me.... Alright here is my interpretation I have many Atheist friends and they are nice people but well often times they try to ask you why you believe in what you believe with a tone that's like they look down on your or that you're less intelligent then you. Often times they I feel persecuted in a way by atheist, I'm afraid to enter any type of religious discussion because simply no side will ever concede to the other there is no Win. Just lose lose situation. The problem is simply the reason that a lot of people hate Christians is simply because they are persistent. The reason Christians hate Atheist is the same. persistence and little respect for their believe. Obviously I'm generalizing since not all are like this, some atheist can be good moral people that have their reasons.

    But yeah you might not be like most Atheist but most atheist are like you described and 1 bad apples spoils the bunch. Also Atheism isn't a faith or a believe systems, it's simply the lack of one.... Just saying....

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    I realized I was at least agnostic in middle school (don't know if I'm welcome hee I just always group we secular people together). Unfortunately and fortunately I go to a Catholic school. The education is good and biology class just teaches evolution. I just have to use 4 credits to take Christian classes. The more conservative of the group must think my existence means that they have to question their faith and therefore they get exageratedly insulted when I just say I'm agnostic. I never even mention any counter points in that class. Not meaning to offend any Catholics or conservatives that's just my story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flanders View Post
    Well, I'm tired of being looked down upon for my beliefs
    Get used to it, that's the cost of beleiving in something that society hasn't accepted yet.

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    You know something... I find it Ironic that TC is named Flanders... the most religious guy from the simpsons... XD

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    Well, I think Christians dislike Atheists because many of them disrespect the religious folk due to the lack of scientific reasoning. And then the religious folk don't exactly like the Atheists because many of them have that 'I'm right and you're wrong' mentality. They're both at fault, in my opinion. But I've met atheists that don't hate me for liking religion and I've met Christians who didn't say that I was going to hell for being pagan. Very few of each, mind you, but I think that most of the people who won't judge you don't mention their religion or lack of in everyday conversation. I certainly don't unless the topic comes up. And if it comes up within 5 minutes of a conversation that isn't even about religion, I usually say that it shouldn't matter as long as you're being nice and polite. But the people who challenge and threaten me with a holy being and say that their belief is the 'true' one? Yeah, those people aren't worth my time. (And that's not persistence either. That's just being disrespectful.)

    It's like this with every belief, though. It's in human nature to think that you're right and to not want to be proven wrong. That's just like a big smack in your face to your self esteem.

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    I once hit someone because he said that I was going to hell and he tried to force Christianity upon me. It wasn't specifically to do with the religion thing, I have a problem with him anyway and he crossed a line.

    I don't have a problem with religion, all I ask is that they leave me to believe in what I want and to not interfere with my beliefs.

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