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Thread: So I'm moving in a years time and it's looking like MN or WI...

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    Default So I'm moving in a years time and it's looking like MN or WI...

    With this move I'd love to like go to one of them brunches and meet like minded people. Problem is I'm very shy in this regard. I"m not even sure I"d be able to bring myself to do that ya know so I'm wondering how is it? Is it filled with creppy people? what is talked about what are the experiences?

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    I've not been on a munch/meet organised through here, but as far as I've gathered, it's an excuse for like minded people to meet and make friends! Especially as the majority are in public, there shouldn't be any dodgy goings-on, and you can leave any time you like!

    If you have a look in the forums, you should find a few meet-up threads that will alleviate some of your concerns :-)

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