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Thread: Left 4 Dead 2 meets Ocarina of Time?

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    Default Left 4 Dead 2 meets Ocarina of Time?

    Kokiri Forest (L4D2) -

    This will make you nostalgia so hard you'll forget there are zombies and start looking for important items, such as the Kokiri Sword (which is actually in a chest where it's supposed to be). The hearts heal you for 5 health, but the safehouse you start in has no health packs.

    Honestly, it's just awesome. Hard to beat on your own if you try for the Kokiri sword because your team will stop to shoot zombies and get hit by the boulder which can either kill them outright or down them, and you can't heal them fast enough without getting hit by the boulder too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Point Blanch View Post
    Can you kill Mido?
    All the Kokiri are set as zombies in their original positions (plus random mobs are added), so yes, but he'll rush you once you leave your house, so you won't know it's him. Also, Navi dies.

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    Oh sweet nostalgia. Is saria dead? That would make me a sad panda.

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