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Thread: Is anyone else a Germaphobe?

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    Default Is anyone else a Germaphobe?

    For some reason I find it totally ironic that I am OCD germaphobe, but enjoy messing in my diapers. Anyone else share this experience?


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    I'm the opposite almost. I don't make any attempt to kill the germs around me, exceptions involving keeping myself clean (i.e. showering and washing hands). I eat stuff that I dropped on the floor and share food with anyone - though I wouldn't do both at once. It hasn't killed me yet, so I must be pretty strong!

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    I don't like germs AT ALL. Except the natural ones like PB said. Makes it hard to break into non-vanilla sex.....STDs are among the worst of 'germs' or as i say, 'cooties'!

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    I am germaphobic, not OCD, but I do like to be clean and I don't want to touch dirty stuff, drink after other people, or eat food that has fallen on the floor. I do not mess because I think it is dirty, but to each his on.

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    I don't like it when people leave dirty stuff lying around for too long - but I guess that's just basic hygiene really...

    I'm generally careful with food safety when cooking, and I keep myself clean by washing etc. But I have been known to employ the "5 second rule" with dropped food...

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    I probably wash my hands about 20 times a day on average, just out of habit. I was always sick when I was young getting the flu or stomach viruses, ear infections, etc. more so than other kids. So I was told to wash my hands as much as I could and now it's compulsive.

    I really only wash my hands for a good reason, after I go to the bathroom, before and after eating and I work with my hands too. I'm also a perfectionist when it comes to cleaning and I do specific chores on a regular basis to make sure my place is clean...I don't get sick as much as I used to so I guess it's working!

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    I am certainly not a germaphobe, germs don't bother me at all (I do keep a good level of personal hygiene (at least I try)). I'll do stuff like share food, drinks, I always eat my sister's leftovers, I've even had someone's chewed chewing gum before.

    So no I'm not a germaphobe !

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    I'm not a germaphobe but I've been called one. I've also been called OCD but I won't reject that accusation so quickly.

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    Oops. Read the topic and wondered why you were scared of Germans.
    Some of my best friends are from Germany!

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    Quote Originally Posted by timby View Post
    Oops. Read the topic and wondered why you were scared of Germans.
    Some of my best friends are from Germany!
    Dammit, you took my joke!

    Seriously though, no, I am not a germophobe. I firmly believe in the five second rule, and I'm not one that gets weirded out by buffets or anything like that.

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