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Thread: What's your least favorite part of likind diapers.

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    Default What's your least favorite part of likind diapers.

    I know a depressing topic, but come on, spill it

    What's your least favorite part of this fetish?

    For me it would be that diapers are such a production to buy, keep secret, always being paranoid when I have them hidden, and that it's going to eventually complicate things if I ever end up in a situation where I'd have a permanent SO.

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    This may seem a little more 'deep' than all the other responses, but I'm always the one drawing attention to myself lmao.

    My least favorite part is the feeling of complete awkwardness when you're done with them, knowing that the general population of society would find it disturbing, and feeling like a completer creeper doing it. Although, since joining ADISC, it has eased a lot of this pain.

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    The weirdness of it.

    It's different from a foot fetish, people with those just ya know, get off to feet.
    But we like wearing diapers. To others it may seem less weird, but to me, it just seems out of the park...

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    Truthfully... The feeling of a sweaty diaper after wearing it for awhile... x.x The feeling just makes me want to get out of em wish they didn't sweat so much nor break down as easily. <3 store brand diapers!! *sarcasm*

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    For me, I wish they would smell less. I like to stay in a wet cloth diaper for a while, but with plastic pants, the pee biodegrades to ammonia, not a pleasant experience. I have found that a cloth diaper will last longer if I wash them twice, once with a little bleach or vinegar, and then with detergent on the heavy cycle.

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    The fact that I prefer cloth, and that I live in an apartment complex with laundry rooms. There is one laundry room per three buildings, and in each one, there is only three small washers and three small dryers. Oh, and they are only open from 10AM-6PM. And there is no way I am dragging diapers to the laundromat, especially since I can't drive them there myself and that would take a lot of explaining to my ride there and back.

    In other words, this was less of an issue when I lived in an apartment building with a larger laundry room that was open 24/7.

    Disposable is not too bad, though.

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