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Thread: Cigars.

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    Default Cigars.

    Uhmmm. Yeah.

    I love good cigars. I haven't had one in quite some time, because they are out of my price range. And Swishers are not "good cigars", so I don't smoke those.

    I never once smoked a cigarette all the way down (I did try once, and then I quit after ten seconds of nasty inhaling experience), but I do love cigars.

    Nasty habit, or sign of masculinity? Or both?

    Cohiba Red Dot all the way!

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    I'll have one if someone is offering them for a celebration of some such... but I don't really crave them or have any desire to smoke them while alone.

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    I love a good smoke! I tend to go on the more mild end, such as a nice Honduran. Maybe because I don't smoke cigarettes. If you like cigars, you may really like pipe tobacco! There is a whole world of flavor there that you can't find in anything else. Really really good. Make sure you find a place to buy loose mixed pipe tobacco though. The prepackaged stuff is ok, but as with anything else, fresh is better.

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    I love Kristoff maduro's and a nice 12yr single malt

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    Quite fond of La Gloria Cubana R Series myself.

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    you cant even come close to a cuban cigar

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    Man you guys know how to live. I also enjoy a good cigar and right now my favorit is the macanudo but trust me I'm very new and also have no experience in this field but nevertheless I do enjoy a good cigar.

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    I was a former smoker since college, because of my ex-roommate had a chewing tobacco hooked my tongue started to smoked cigarette. I learned how to stop smoking by using cigars and really worked for me to reducing smoking habits as cold turkey in 1997. I really don't like anyone who doing with the chewing tobacco near me.

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    It's nasty habit, a sign of masculinity, a sign of good habits, taste and class and one of those pathetic male compensation thingys all at the same time. It's fantastic.
    It's a social activity, I don't enjoy smoking cigars alone. You need a reason, good company and a good bottle on the table.
    Anybody here smoke pipe? It makes you look like an old pervert, I know, but it smells so good.

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