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Thread: Kilt without the accessories?

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    Default Kilt without the accessories?

    Hi all,

    Question: what are your thoughts on wearing a kilt without the typical accessories, i.e. sporran, socks?


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    Eh. I've done it before. It works pretty well, as long as you can get long socks and a decent looking belt. I always wore mine with a suit-like top, (nice jacket, button down shirt and tie). It was passable, but if you can get the typical accessories, I'd say do it.

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    Oddly enough, I have a kilt and accessories (literally everything but the shirt) I'm getting ready to put up for sale, cheap. My mother bought it for me when she went over to Scotland on vacation, but it's one of those British military-type getups, not the traditional Scottish tartans, so I'm looking to sell it off.

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