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    So I was on eBay, looking for some old videogames. That's when I thought about other peoples' collections/hobbies - and decided to ask if anyone here collects anything.

    I personally don't seriously collect anything but I do have a small (and likely to grow) collection of video-games. I have a whollle bunch of games from different generations and consoles. I do it because I am a pretty serious gamer - and older games actually hold nostalgic value for me.

    What about you? Anything you collect, and why?

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    I collect cars mostly one at a time, but now I have 3, and if I had someplace to put them inside I would have more, If I had room for 10 I would have 11.

    Since I started driving I'v had about 300 cars, and loved almost all of them, sold them and bought another, and so on.

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    I collect - *shock* - music CDs. Yes, I still buy them... I buy whole discographies of artists I love.

    Other than that, I've started a synthesiser collection, or rather, at least it appears to be headed that way.

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    I have a bunch of different collections. Guns(Currently have four and it will grow eventually), coins, rocks, DVDs, music CDs(I'm the same as Lukie, I collect whole discographies of my favorites artists). I also collect license plates from the different countries and states that I have been to.

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    Engines and motors of course! Glass insulators, matchbooks, Pyrex coffeepots, Porn and memories too. I have about 20 computers…


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    I don't really collect anything anymore, but I used to collect baseball cards when I was younger.

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    I collect video games, and to some degree, coins.

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    When pokemon was still cool I collected pokemon cards -.- I still have about like 100 and im nto exagerating XD

    I collected yu-gi-oh cards after that, probably have like 30 left...

    Thats pretty much it for collections, i used to collect rocks for like a year ot some pretty good ones too.

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