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Thread: Abena M4 Size Issue

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    Default Abena M4 Size Issue

    I recently got some M4, as I'm a 38" waist, so they should fit fine...

    However, the top tabs only reach round my hips, and the bottom tabs barely reach around my legs - sometimes there's a little adhesive sticking to my leg!

    I have rather large thighs... which I presume is the issue with the leg tapes. The problem is, the nappy cuts into my legs and squishes my gentlemen parts...

    Should I get another size? The L4 waist size suggests it'll be far too big... but I don't want to buy any more M4s if they are all this tight!

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    They shouldn't be that small! Unless you're seriously mismeasuring your self. The M4 should be 20-40 inchs, so you're right near the top end, but that should still leave a few inchs to play with. The larges will be big, but they're won't be far too big if this is how mediums fit you :X.

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    Thanks for the reply Loopy, I know you're a bit of an expert in this particular brand! I've measured my waist and it's about a 38 inch. However my hips are probably wider. It's hard to explain, but the bottom of the wing is wrapping around my leg, rather than following the groin and wrapping at the hip. In the same respect, the waistband is following my belly rather than the waist. I've noticed there is a sort of folding/scrunching of the wing between each of the tapes.

    I've tried pulling it up as high as I can to avoid the legs, but it's almost like the amount of nappy coming between my legs isn't long enough before the wing kicks in. Plus, if I pull it up too far, I start to suffer from a crush in the groin area... Do you think it's a size issue, or just the cut of the Abena shape?

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    I think it is a size issue tbh. When you measure for a nappy you want to measure the widest part of your hips, that is what counts. I wear 42 inch waist, but I'm over 50 inchs round my belly, so I have to go large. The bottom of the wings should be just at the top of your thigh, I'm not too sure if I understand you really :P. But it also sounds like you're taping the tapes far too close on the wings, there really shouldn't be too much scrunching.

    To be honest, I think you need to get the large. It will fit better, and it is longer as well, so your second issue shouldn't be so bad :P.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ukdl1989 View Post
    Do you think it's a size issue, or just the cut of the Abena shape?
    I think sometimes the problem is in the cut of the nappy vs the shape of your body. Not all of us are the same shape and not all nappies are the same shape, and as such I don't think all nappy shapes work well with all body shapes. I find Tenas fit me perfectly and are very comfortable, whilst I know some members have problems with the shape of Tena. I find Molicaire to be horribly uncomfortable, whilst I know other members don't have any problems with them at all. I also think hip size comes into it - as a girl my hips are wider than my waist and so I think the way nappies fit me is different to how they might fit somebody whose hips weren't much wider than their waist.

    Being as you are on the upper-end of the Abena M size, and considering that your hip is probably larger than 38inch, I would probably try the larger size before dismissing Abena altogether. It's worth considering that the waist sizes are just a guide and other factors such as the size of your belly, hips, thighs, bum and boyparts will possibly make some difference to the way the nappy fits and might make the difference between two sizes. If you have a similar problem with the larger size then perhaps Abena just aren't the cut for you - I would recommend trying Tena, they have a different cut to most other UK nappies I have tried, but otherwise Molicaire or another brand may work better for you.

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    Thanks for the advice Loopy and BabyJess - unfortunately I still have 12 left in the pack... (having managed to get through a previous pack of 14) - damn Internet and it's bulk ordering requirements... Also annoyingly, I move back to my parents' house in June until September, so won't be ordering replacements any time soon... Wish I'd got a better fit to begin with, crushed boyparts are not helping with the fun of wearing!

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