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Thread: You know you're having a bad ABDL day when

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    Default You know you're having a bad ABDL day when

    You've all seen these lists; they go like this:

    Your horn sticks on the freeway behind 32 Hell's Angels motorcyclists.

    You've been at work 3 hours before you notice that your fly is open or your blouse unbuttoned.

    Your twin sister forgets your birthday.

    You call the suicide prevention hotline and they put you on hold.

    Your income tax refund check bounces.

    Let's continue:

    You wasted an hour trying to get the wetness indicator lined up vertically and in the middle , not realizing the whole batch was misprinted.

    Your plastic pants are cut higher in front... but you put them on backwards.

    Your backpack with your spare diapers turns up in the school lost and found... missing the diapers.
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    Wait did this happen to you? or are we making a fun list of Murphys Law stuff?

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    You wake up wetter than usual... and realize your entire new case of diapers has a manufacturing defect.

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    Your pacifier was recalled for more than triple the lead paint that is considered hazardous.

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    Someone walks in on you while you are changing in a public stall.

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    You wake up from a night of bean burritos and tequila shots, relieve your bladder and fart into your diaper and realize two things:

    1) That wasn't a fart.

    2) You aren't diapered.

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    some one comes up and pull ur pants down in front of everyone when your diapered luckily for me i wasn't diapered at the time

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    Out for the day and that spare nappy you just KNOW you put in your handbag mysteriously disappeared suddenly without trace ... and there isn't a chemist for miles

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