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Thread: Should I tell the Wife?

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    Before I begin this thread let me first say "Hello". As the handle to the left indicates my name is Timmy. I have been a "closet" baby for nearly 15 years now, with off again and on again diaper relationship (e.g. I can go years without diapers). When I was a teen I ran a very large TB mailing list (500+ members). I also had a brief period where I was the lead moderator for a still active Age Regression Store Forum.

    Anyway... my past aside. I had been out of diapers for years now (just reading my stories). However, recently I broke down when I had a window of opportunity I could not resist. My wife has been traveling for work now for several weeks. With the house to myself, I surprised myself and purchased some diapers, pacis, etc.

    And I am now hooked, again. My question is I am now married (3+ years, no kids), and not sure what to do about it. Should I bring it up, or keep it to myself, or what? Any tips for judging how accepting a wife may or may not be of the situation?

    Background on my wife: My wife is somewhat modest, but comes from a very liberal/hippy family. She has for several years referred to be as a "Man Child" because I can be immature at times. In fact, I get away with everything but the paci/diapers. I have baby powder for iches/rashes (from running), I have the worlds greatest sippy cups cleverly disguised as CamelBak Sport Bottles (hehehe, I even have a few of the Kid ones with prints). She also happens to be an incredible seamstress and has made several juvinelle PJ pants which are all characters from cartoons for toddlers (e.g. Winnie the Pooh, etc.).

    So my question... do I have it good and continue my secret alone? Or do I reveal it in hopes she will let me play around and even make me even more juvinelle clothing (e.g. onesies :P). Is there a way to figure out how she may react to such a situation?

    I am really looking for previous experience / insight here. Thanks so much!

    Keep them diapers wet,

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    This is one of the toughest questions that comes to this site. By the way, other members will come on here and ask you to make a proper introduction thread. There's time for that, and I think your current dilemma is more important.

    When I got married, I told my wife many things, but not "that" because I was way too embarrassed. Eventually she found out, many years after we were married, and I had to explain everything. She was very accepting, buying me "little" things. I can wear to bed any night that is convenient for me. However, everyone is different.

    From what you have described, I think your wife would be accepting of your lifestyle, but I'm not sure I would come out directly. I think I would take a very circuitous rout. You could either ask her as to what she thinks about people who enjoy regression. There will be a show on the National Geographic channel this Monday at 10 pm I believe, but I don't think he will be a good representative if you are trying to sell the idea to your wife.

    You could also take the approach of, "I really like it when you make me little kids clothes. You know I've always had an immature side to me, and recently I've had some strange feelings...." Either way, I would try to give myself a back door should she not approve or worse, be appalled. If she does seem moderately accepting, you would also need to reassure her that you are the same man she married. I did that with my wife. She married a weight lifter and someone who was racing cars on the track. Imagine then, finding diapers...sigh.

    I wish you the best in all of this. Others will come on and give you help as well. When you are satisfied, go and make your introduction thread. As a new member you are welcome here. Let me add that you are in very good company, as so many of us have either wanted to tell or had to tell. Our lifestyle is not an easy one.

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    I definitely think you should tell her. I told my fiancee. She may not agree with it but she will probably be happy that you told her. It may be weird for her but at least your secret will be out to the person that means the most to you.

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    I cannot speak from experiance with this situation. I can however speak from a wifes perspecive. About 3 weeks before our wedding my husband told me that be was an AB/DL. At first I was shocked, scared, confused and mildly weirded out. I have read about many people who's wifes had left them and been angry about their telling them.Anger is not an emotion I felt, it just didn't seem like a response to the situation to me. I felt like there is no reason to be angry at the man I love for opening up a new side to me. And I have never felt as though he were lying to me, because the situation was never brought up. After we talked about things the next night, I became okay with the idea of "mommying" him. Now or relationship is stronger than ever. We have bonded even more that we have been in out 3 plus years together. I feel like we were meant for eachother. I have always wanted to be a mom, it is a feeling that as been stronger than any other in my life. And he needs someone to mommy him. We were destined to be together. And it seems that maybe your wife would be okay with it. Based on what she has already done for you. I think you should tell her. I feel that if you love someone enough to commit your lifes to them, that you should love everthing about them. Best wishes in your decicion. I hope that my story helps you.

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