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Thread: why does it have to be so wierd?

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    Default why does it have to be so wierd?

    i really like to pee in my diapers and i like to poo in it too but i did only poo once in my diaper because its really hard to clean.

    isnt there a good way to clean, without being noticed ?

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    Great taste, but lurk more. I don't remember where I saw it, but there are already enough threads about cleaning up.

    Flash Posting And You...
    I highly suggest remembering the part about Searching, for instance.

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    To quote myself from another thread.
    #1: If you have a choice... try to keep from messing in public. It may be a kinky thrill, but noone wants to smell that. If you don't have a choice... deoderant tablets like Nullo can really help keep the smell to a minimum. Obviously real accidents are pardoned... to a degree.

    #2: The easiest way to clean off a messy bottom is to jump in the shower for a vigorous scrubbing with lots of soap. You may want to try to use some TP or wipes first... to remove any solid chunks (sorry) that may be stuck to your back side... or you are gonna need to scrub the shower too.

    #3: In lieu of a shower... use baby wipes. It is suggested that you avoid using just TP as it can leave your arse raw and sore afterwards.

    #4: Shaving the "diaper area" is reccomended. It's just the more hygenic thing to do.

    #5: Try not to stay in a messy diaper for any longer than is necessary. This is a sure-fire way to get a nasty rash.

    Searching would definately help.

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    There's not much more to add, you've got offered great advice right now, although you could have looked for it yourself with the search option . New people are just as welcome though, don't feel teased away.

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