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Thread: Does anybody worry about "losing" their AB-side?

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    Default Does anybody worry about "losing" their AB-side?

    Sometimes, you're riding high on the roller coaster of AB/DL-ism: you find yourself in your favorite play-clothes, a nice dry (or soggy ) diaper and the whole world shines just a bit brighter. Other times, you're just pleased as punch staying in the adult-oriented realm; the diapers are in the closet, but you'd rather save them for a rainy day. Let's be honest: sometimes it rocks to be an adult.

    Then there's that awkward in-between which I went through today. I had the whole house to myself (wife was at work), which meant I finally had one of those rare opportunities to regress. However, I just couldn't lock into that mindset. I wanted to, but when I got into the diaper, cuddled my Care Bear...the whole nine yards, I just didn't drop into that comfort zone. I felt like I was forcing it.

    This has happened before to me and I've learned not to panic about it. I know the magic of it will return; I had one of my best regressions ever just a couple weeks ago. Still, it makes worry a little bit. What if there will be one last time that I enjoy wearing diapers?

    I believe that AB/DL-ism is for life. I guess that's why the thought of losing it scares me a bit. It is such a source of comfort for me. I've accepted it as part of me, which helps me to move on with my adult life. Over the years, I've learned to balance playtime with other hobbies and more adult activities. I just don't want to get out of that balance and I guess I'm worrying over whether that's possible: to get too out of the AB/DL mode to the point where it's awkward to get back in to it.

    Has anybody else worried about this or am I panicking over nothing?

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    I'm very bi-poler so my AB side is as real and has his own personality just as mush as my real side.
    I can give up diapers but he will always be there and comeout when i don't want him too

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    Don't worry, you're not losing anything There is always a cycle with AB/DLism and the feelings that come along with it. You are simple part of that cycle.

    I can definitely understand where you are coming from personal experience as well. With a house to yourself and ample amount of time, its just a perfect opportunity to "submerge" yourself into it. Alas, it doesn't work. For one reason or another, something isn't just quite right, and you don't know how to go about it. But then, a week later, you get a "craving" for it, and then everything is back to normal. This will most likely be the case for you as well.

    Give it a little time, and I promise you that "awkwardness" will subside.

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    You are most likely worrying for nothing. However, people change and not every one is the same. AB is not always a lifelong thing for everyone, people do change for good sometimes. That being said, it can be stay with you forever but if something does click within you that causes you to lose interest, so be it.

    I mean, many of us try hard to resist the AB side when we enter adolescence which often tends to be futile. I imagine that resisting towards ABism when the feeling isn't there would have roughly the same outcome.

    My advice is that when something seems to become mundane (and this applies beyond AB), try something new but still related and see if that stirs the flames at all.

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    I sometimes think about the "what if" scenario, in which I would "lose" my ABDL side, and to tell you the truth, I always like doing so, because I sometimes wish I could be "normal." That being said, from what I've heard, very few people will ever entirley "lose" the ABDL inside them, and when I really think of it, living with an oddity actually changes your perception of the world. and makes ypu a more rounded individual.

    Ever since becoming more involved in this site, and thought processes involved with ABDL, and such, I have learned to be even ,ore accepting than I ever was before. Whenever someone males offhand comments about being gay(which I am not) or having a Foot or Leather Fetish (Which I also do not have), I always put that person on the spot, and tell them that the comment was in poor taste, and explain why without revealing anything personal, usually with some hypotheticals).

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