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Thread: Diaper Buddy

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    Default Diaper Buddy

    Have you ever had a Diaper buddy. You know someone you can share your diapers with? I was just curious if any one had before

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    well, I think that'd be nice, ^^ too bad where I live like-minded friends/ people are few and far.

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    Definitely would be nice. Even with my spouse knowing, and knowing others out here are like me (thanks to the net), someone close to me that shared this interest would make me feel alot better and less alone.

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    Nope never really had someone like that before. I did have a friend try it before but he didn't like it.

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    I have 3 friends who are TBDL-friends (my partner/'Mama', my 'bro' and my 'sis'), but honestly, I'd only really use the phrase 'diaper buddies' to describe me and Morsus. IDK why.

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    Because you're both piddly butts? :P

    Yes I do have several friends who share this interest. Of course we're friends for other reasons other then diapers, so "diaper buddy" would be a bit misleading.

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    Actually theres a kid who me and him have been thinking about being diaper buddies

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    I'm very lucky to have 4 awesome diaper buddies. All within close proximity too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by karatekid121005 View Post
    I had one once. It's nice to have some one u can be in diapers with
    This is the same situation that I'm in. Had a friend that was into it in college, but we live in different parts of the country now.

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