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Thread: Code Name: Diapers

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    Default Code Name: Diapers

    So, yeah. This is completely random but what do you prefer to call your fluff o.o? It's fine to call em diapers but not half fun :P

    Me first? Aw, thank you <3
    Magic Pillows, woot woot. Or as mentioned above fluff :3
    Course yes I do still call them diapers when needed.

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    Its all good :p
    I just have an issue where I have to nickname everything, lol

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    Round here, there are a fair few people (including myself) who refer to them as "Padding".

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    In real life I always call them nappies, but on the forums I usually write diapers as that's the norm and in the irc I usually refer to them as padding as that's the norm there. Have never thought of them as fluff or magic pillows or thought to make up another name for them before. Maybe we can all think of some fun alternate names here though.

    Hmmm, how about ... puff panties, bounce boxers, cloud trousers, soft sitters, hip hugglers, snug squeezers, waist warmers, erm... well that's all I can think of for now, maybe someone else has some ideas.

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    Hahaha xD All of that's wonderful :3
    Hm...Impact Resistors, Firecrinkles (as apposed to a Firecracker) Good stuff, good stuff :P

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    Again, thats fine xD
    Im just thinking of topics really to pass time while Im suffering from writers block atm :P

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    diapers, padding, nappy or at night there just my extra absorbent underwear. somewhere a while back someone refereed to them as garments of under which kind of made me giggle.

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