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    i'm just introducing myself i am a avid reader of your guy's stories and possibility become a writer myself so i just wanted to come by and read and maybe write. so anything that maybe of some help to a new writer of how to get started or the best stories to read would be great.

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    Hi jester12385 and welcome to ADISC.

    I hope you can find more than enough material to read to your hearts content. I see that you're also thinking of trying out writing...COOL!

    Just so I'm clear, are you asking for tips about writing in-and-of itself or writing *B/DL stories? I hope I can help either way because I myself am a writer and avid reader around here. As far as "best stories"...there's quite a few here so much so that I'd have to go through and track down their titles and which sub-forum they're in.

    Hope to see you around.

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