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Thread: Pampers Change 'N Go

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    Lightbulb Pampers Change 'N Go

    Pampers Change'N Go

    Now this is a werid be a good stuffer for us since not many *b/dl well be able to fit into it but won't this be a good idea for a adult diaper?
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    Wow parenting is just getting less and less work isn't it... Seriously why bother screwing around with slip ins? I don't see the point I suppose it could be handy if your in an extremely busy place......

    Whats next in the world of diapers I wonder?

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    Well I don't see what the big deal is with changing a diaper. It's really not that hard.

    For a child under 2 usually you would have anywhere in the home, if you went somewhere the car, if your not near the car they usually have a stroller or something with them, if not then there are always changing rooms.

    How lazy do parents have to get before everything ends up automatic?

    On another note I couldn't even consider this for my little sister, she's potty training now and she's still in a size 3, not even close to outgrowing it yet.

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    For an adult diaper, a maybe, especially if all you just do is wet.

    However, I just see this as being too cumbersome and expensive in the long run. 16 pants for $11 and an extra $3 just to get the pads? I'd rather stick to regular diapers, because don't kids poop often anyways? Besides, for that same price, you could get a jumbo pack of regular diapers (~20) or so for just $10...

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    So they are essentially diaper doublers for infants?

    I don't reall see how that's going to be practical. If you've got time to remove and insert the card thing... you've got time to change the whole diaper.

    How many parents will change just a wet diaper anyways? I mean isn't it usually messy? That doesn't solve the solid problem at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfinn View Post
    How many parents will change just a wet diaper anyways? I mean isn't it usually messy? That doesn't solve the solid problem at all.
    Erm - all parents should change a diaper when it gets to a certian point. As for being messy, my sister only has a BM once a day unless she is sick.. not too sure about other kids.

    And if y'all watched the video, changing that is a heck of a lot faster then changing an entire diaper.

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    Cloth-disposable hybrid, huh? I see it pointless, all of it. And to make it even more pointless it is only available through the site. As Darkfinn said: If you have time for the whole thing, you have tome to change the diaper.

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