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    Continuation of this thread.

    Prom was last night, and it was a disaster. I don't dance, so I was reduced to awkwardly slow dancing. It's not that I'm too incredibly worried about disappointing my date. At least I didn't break her heart or anything. BUT my friend decided that, at the night of the Prom, it was time to tell me that my date was getting over some other guy, and, because I wasn't making a move, that she was getting upset. So I did, because that's the guy I am. I couldn't stand to hear about her crying in a corner, so I tried. Then... things went far too fast. On the ride back (it was like a 20-minute ride home) he was laying on me, and things began to get a little bit further than they should be for the first date. Not even as far as making out or anything, but far enough. Now, my friend's pushing us to go faster is also putting a wedge between me and her. I wouldn't mind being friends with her, I guess, but I don't really want to get into it with her. Maybe if we can become friends for a little while... but not NEAR now. I've known her for a week, about, and I need to find a way of getting my friend to stop, and keep my "date" "at arms length," if I can say that. Still, I don't feel the need to break any hearts, nor do I want to be her boyfriend.

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    Uh... tell them that?

    Honestly, the longer you lead her on by not telling her you don't want it to go further, the worse she's going to feel. She'll think you just used her. As for your friend: who cares? He's kind of being a twat, and needs to mind his own business. If he wants to get worked up over this, let him. Don't cave to peer pressure over it.

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    Being too nice has its downfalls. You need to know when to share your opinion and preferences on the matter.

    If he is going to try and push you two closer and closer, and you are not comfortable with this, tell him that.
    Tell her you are not comfortable with it, also.

    Don't lead her on like you want it. The longer you do, the harder she will fall when you end the relationship.

    You cannot keep this up forever, so it's best to just stop now.

    Tell them you do not like this and that you are not comfortable.

    Honestly, ask yourself: would you want to be lead on? What you are doing to her is not fair, just as what your friend is doing to you is not fair.

    It's going to be hard, but you need to tell them.

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