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    For those of you that have tried them, are the original all white xl goodnites actually as good as people say they are? Are they worth the cost that they are currently going for on ebay? and how do they compare to today's goodnites?

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    Well back in the day, they were better. The original Goodnites were plain white, had a better sizing system. TheXL ones fit well and they were a bit wider in the crotch. They were thicker and had the higher rise. The L/XL of to day is a lot smaller I remember being able to fit in them as a chubby 17-19 year old. They weren't as leaky as now.

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    Although the original Goodnites were very good, it would still depend on the asking price.
    In my opinion, I noticed some outlandish asking prices for some old Luvs diapers size 6.

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    They are not that much better than modern goodnites. They are a lot like modern goodnites mixed with no name brand ones: same design as modern ones but the material is not as professional. They are thicker and louder but only about the same absorption rate.

    The reason they go for as high a price as they do is for nostalgia sake. A lot of people remember wearing the old goodnites as kids and as younger tbs and it is a walk down memory lane. If you didn't wear them as a kid, then I doubt they are going to be worth the extra cash unless you are very wealthy. With that said, they are thicker and the XL is slightly bigger than modern versions which does inherently make them better. But for 4-5 times the price of current goodnites they are not likely worth the cost.

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    Bigger more absorbent and all white!!

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    I bought a few packs of these last year. They're huge! It was just like how I remember them as a teenager.

    That said they weren't as well designed as modern ones even if the fit was better, since the sides would be all stretched out by morning. We never got the XL size here in the UK.

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