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Thread: Decisions, Decisions! Molicare Super Plus vs Abena X-Plus

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    Default Decisions, Decisions! Molicare Super Plus vs Abena X-Plus

    I am currently bargain hunting for a bag of either. I've read reviews on sites as well as comparisons on this site, daily diapers, and random blogs. As of yet I am undecided.

    I have tried the x-plus, they are thick and amazingly comfortable. Only problem is if I wear to long after wetting they have a lot of clumping (like if I wet before laying down to sleep) but I think any diaper will clump after a while.

    I have not, however, tried the Molicare Super Plus. I have read that they are better against leaks as they have a better fit, especially around.

    Can anyone enlighten me as to which they prefer and why? Many thanks in advanced!

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    I've only tried the x-plus and think they are amazing. The molicares always seemed overpriced to me

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    This is just my personal taste but for me the benefits of the Molicare over the Abena are:

    - Better wicking. They seem to pull the moisture away from the skin much faster.
    - Far better odor control. I don't even think the Abena has any odor control.
    - Better fit, this is just for me. The way they are cut just fits me better.
    - The plastic is more elastic and rubbery which means for me, even though they don't have a waistband, they stay tight much longer than the Abena and are more comfortable while staying tight.

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    I know that you are asking about the Molicare diapers and unfortunately, I've never tried them. But the time I did try the Abena's they bunched up in the middle real bad and seemed to have no odor control and eventually leaked majorly. If you've tried the Abena's and want to try Molicare's, then I say go for it. If you don't want to get an entire bag of them, I'd say get a sample order first if you can. I've heard pretty good reviews for the Molicare diapers and am looking to try them sometime soon. If you do try them, let us know how you like them over the Abena's.

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    When I wore the Super-Plus' from my sample I thought they felt much nicer and breathed a LOT better than the M3's I was comparing them to. They had plenty of padding so I didn't have an issue there but I did have a problem with the tapes pulling at the padding and making small tears overnight. Nothing bad really came of it in the morning but it was rather unnerving.

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    At this level it comes down to personal preference. They are both very good nappies, with lots of good features. The abena is thicker, and will hold more, and personally I liked the fit better. The Molicares smell a little better, have a thicker slightly better plastic outer shell, but is purple and a little lower on the capacity.

    Personally X-plus's are my nappy of choice, but if I'd never tried molicares I'd give them ago. Either way you're going to get a damn good product, so may as well try something new :P.

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    I really liked the abena m4's and they really are a quality diaper!

    I found a Canadian supplier in which I bought a bag of small and a bag of medium molicare super plus for about 10$ more than a bag of M4's.

    I fall into the waist size category for both so small are for out in public and mediums will be my at home diaper. At the end I will decide which one I like more and share my discovery with you!

    P.S. My girlfriend loooooves purple so she'll go nuts over these !

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    I actually prefer the purple myself. I would say though order samples from XP Medical. You can get Abena, Molicare, and Dry 24/7 samples from there. Loopy is totally right. At this level the differences are so minor it comes down to personal taste.

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    I like both. But molicares have a nice smell, and they are purple. Nice things are purple.

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    Molicare all the way but either way you can loose

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