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Thread: Airport Security Experiences

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    Default Airport Security Experiences

    So, this is basically inquiring about any odd or interesting experiences you've had with airports and airport security. There might be no interesting stories here, but, as it is a broad community of diaper-liking people, I'm assuming that there must be something worth mentioning! (Note that this doesn't have to do with diapers. It just seems like an interesting conversation opportunity.)

    I've not really had any noteworthy experiences with security before, other than a time that I had a huge, metal fishing hook in my carry-on bag, as I had forgotten that it was there, but for some reason the Hartsfield guards didn't even notice it. (Terrorists, take notice? :P) My girlfriend, however, was once pulled aside for no reason at the airport in Jamaica, and was asked if she was dealing with explosives! They pulled her aside, wiped her hand with some type of cloth, and made her put her hand on some type of scanner. For some reason, it came back positive, and she was taken into a private room to be searched. Note that I was not there for this, but that she told me about it and I just thought that was hilarious and was relevant here. (And no, she did not have any explosives, nor did she find out why the scanner went off.)

    How about you?

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    I once had my camera confiscated at Rome airport when I was flying home. Absolutely no idea why! It was a disposable camara and I hadn't taken a single picture with it, so I didn't really mind.

    I know someone who lives in Australia, who told me that when he landed in Syndey once, he had a rather large knife in his suitcase. He had forgotten to declare it, so was fined for carrying a concealed weapon, and it was taken from him. However the gaurd told him that if the knife had been about 2 inches longer, it wouldn't have counted as a "concealed" weapon, meaning there would have been absolutley nothing wrong with him caryring it!!

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    While travelling through the US last year I got pulled over for a pat down search when my dungarees (overalls) set off the metal detector. After waiting about 10 minutes locked in a sort of glass box, with everyone looking at me as they went through security, a guy finally turned up to pat me down... except he only had one arm...
    I suspect what followed was probably the most ineffective pat down in security history!

    With hind sight it probably wasn't the best idea to wear dungarees, a onesie and terry training pants to the airport, but I was on holiday and wasn't really thinking ahead that morning!

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    Usually haven't had any issues, minus PHX officers being assholes a few years back (it is much better now by the way). The worst was in Seattle where I had to keep a thing of fish frozen with tons of ice because the ice pack are of course illegal *sigh* and didn't have luggage to throw it in (yea, don't really want fish sitting on top of my suit and other clothes), then again because I had a 4oz bottle of honey, apparently that extra .6oz will be a security threat! (and if I had but it in individual 3.4oz containers in a 1 quart bag, I could of carried on close to 60oz of honey -_-).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyote_Howl View Post
    then again because I had a 4oz bottle of honey, apparently that extra .6oz will be a security threat! (and if I had but it in individual 3.4oz containers in a 1 quart bag, I could of carried on close to 60oz of honey -_-).
    I came a across a distrubingly funny article about the US' TSA and liquids recently;

    We've Trained The TSA To Search For Liquid Instead Of Bombs | Techdirt

    For some bizarre reason, after reading your post Coyote, I've now a mental image of a Womble in a TSA uniform collecting bottles of honey...

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    Well last time i went on a plane they had mechanical problems (great job making me more nervouse, havent been on a plane in over 7 years) so we had to spend the night at the WORST hotel there. The bathroom toilet and door handle was broken and the food was hard as a rock. Well anyways, the next day we went back to the airport and we were all stopped and had to wait, turns out someone got past security(with all the security they have people still get past, this just shows that there securty system isnt doing any good and is pointless) and brought a knife on the plain.

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    I remember going through a full body scanner before I even knew such a thing existed.

    Back in 2008, I went through one in Amsterdam Airport on my way back home. Didn't have a clue what the hell was happening to me, I assumed it was some kind of drug related scan...

    Not really an experience, it was just really odd. Only realised what it was years later, when the news started complaining about them.

    My question is: if the body scanners produce a naked picture of you in a room somewhere, why did a guard feel the need to grope me afterwards anyway?

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    I once was stupid enough to try to go through airport security wearing pants that had metal studs going down both sides of them.

    Luckily, the security people there did not take it too seriously, and we had a good laugh about it. This was a couple of years before 9/11, they probably would not react that way to such a thing today.

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    My mom got through a metal detector with a cell phone in her pocket.

    In China, there are metal detectors at all of the historical relics, but nobody cares if you beep, and the x-ray machines are unwatched. (If you even put your bag in...) Of course, this doesn't happen in the airports.

    I carried a nice butane lighter in my checked baggage on three domestic Chinese flights, but they called me to security, and confiscated it on the flight back to the US. Aww. It had Mao on it...

    My friend was wearing pants with chains on them one time, so they had to take her to a room and ask her to take them off.

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    I've got one: many years ago when flying out of Mombasa, Kenya, the customs officer basically wanted to take my camera away without compensating me for it. There was a lot of smiling and polite chatter, but we were seriously measuring each other up: who would flinch first, who had more at stake: was I willing to miss my flight? Was he willing my complaining to his chain of command? Fun stuff... In the end he realized that I was not joking and that I was willing to do whatever to keep my rights.

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