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    My story

    I think I was kinky from birth. I was not abused. I had middle class parents with enough money and food that life was comfortable. I did not wet the bed So I can not explain why I have these interests.

    I recall as a kid being fascinated by kids who had plastic mattress protectors or who had to wear nappies (diapers) to bed. I did not have a plastic sheet on my bed and I recall really wanting to wet it but also not wanting to damage the mattrass. Whenever I used to go to friends houses, I would check out whether they had plastic mattrass protectors and sometimes look for nappies etc. You would be amazed at how many kids had them.

    When I was about 7, I was in a school play where as part of the costume I wore a pair of dark green tights. I was a tree or a blade of grass or something. Anyway, I liked the feel of the tights and I would wear them under long pants any chance I got.

    I used to get hold of babies plastic pants and wear them like undies. With the plastic against my skin. I liked the slippery feel of it. This is long before puberty. Every now and then I would get nappy rash which was really really painful. Other times my bum would break out in pimples and I would have to stop wearing them for a while.

    When I was in high school, I went to bording school. We used to have 3 weekends a term when we could go home. On one weekend a friend of mine came home to my place because he lived about 6 hours by bus and it was not worth the trip just for 1 weekend. A few weeks later my mum received a letter from his parents inviting me to go and spend the first week of the school holidays with this boys family. Anyway end of term came and we hopped on the bus for the 6 hr trip to his place. The bus would stop about once every couple of hours at a petrol station for people to buy junk food and go to the toilet. At the first stop he did not get off so I stayed on board too. At the next stop I had to get off to go to the toilet. When I got back on we talked and he told me that he was not allowed to get off the bus and that he had to wear a nappy and plastic pants. He swore me to secracy and said I must not tell anyone back at school about his home life. Anyway when we got to his house it was big and they had lots of money and it turned out his parents were mega strict. He had to call his father sir. I was fascinated and more than happy to also call his father sir. Nothing was said about the nappy or the plastic pants. There was a plastic sheet on his bed though and my bed. So you can imagine I was more than happy. But I did not wet it though. The best bit was though that any time we went out with his parents, then he had to put on the nappy and plastic pants and was not allowed to leave his parents side. Not allowed to use public toilets. When we were at home, or in a nearby park he did not have to wear them. Only when in the presense of his parents. A sweet memory. (This was in the mid-late 1970's) I wished they had asked or made me wear them. I wish that I had had the courage to wet the bed. Hopefully they would have made me wear them. But I didn't. I still regret that. Life goes on.

    My next encounter was at university

    I lived in a regional town and when I finished high school I was accepted into university in Brisbane. My parents arranged for me to board with a lady that was some kind of distant family friend. Some weeks before uni started, we drove to Brisbane and went to this ladies house and had afternoon tea with her. This was so she could meet me and see if I was OK. She was old but pleasant and the house was nice. I was shown what was to be my room. It had a bed and wardrobe and there was another room with a desk and a great view. It was arranged that she would make my meals and do my washing and that I would let her know if I was not going to be home for any reason.

    My parents drove me back to this ladies house about a week before uni was to start. This was to give me time to get to know Brisbane and to work out the public transport and to settle in.

    It turned out that "make my meals" meant that we would eat the meal together. The first meal I came to wearing shorts and a tee shirt and bare feet. She was very straightforward and telling me that she expected me to shower and dress neatly for dinner including shoes and socks. She herself was always well dressed.

    Anyway about a week after I moved in, I had a wet dream. At home I used to masturbate pretty often but with all the changes and the new environment and such I had not done it. Anyway my pJs were sticky with cum and it even gotten onto my chest and my pj top was sticky too. I cleaned up the mess and put my pjs into the washing basket.

    That evening, as we sat having dinner as usual, she said that when she went to do the washing that she had seen that my pjs were wet and sticky. I was very embarrassed but she was quite direct as usual. She said that she had put a cover on the mattress so that it would not be damaged. The cover turned out to be a white plastic cover. I discovered it as soon as I sat on the bed because I could hear it. The plastic went down the sides and had elastic under the mattress across the corners. The bottom sheet was straight on top of the plastic. So as lay on the bed, the sheet would slide on the plastic. Every move was accompanied the crinkling noise of the plastic.

    Needless to say, I did not sleep well that night. This was something new for me. I did not know what to do. But not dismayed either. She had a strong and direct personality. Anyway I said nothing. Even at 18, I was a pretty compliant kid.

    It took a while to get over the embarrassment and even longer to get used to the noise and here in Queensland it is pretty warm in summer and at night I would wake up sweaty. I many nights where I did not sleep well as I would keep waking and then roll slowly (because of the noise) to a new position. I used to get pimples on my back because it was so sweaty. One evening I wondered what it would be like to sleep right against the plastic so I pulled back the bottom cotton sheet as well as the top sheet and tried sleeping. Did not last long so I went back to sleeping ontop of the cotton sheet.

    Anyway I stayed in that house for four years while I was at university. All the time, the plastic sheet was fitted and I had just gotten used to it. Then moved out because I had gotten a job in another town.

    How I started wearing Adult Diapers

    Time passed and I got married. Most of the time, even if I thought about kinky things, I would just push the thoughts away. This was more than just plastic and nappies but also spanking and skimpy clothes. I did have the glorious opportunity once to cane a girl friend and I got caned a few times at school too but that is another thing.

    I sat through a classical music concert one time that went for quite a while. About half way through I felt the need to pee start to build. By the end of the concert, all I was concentrating on was the pressure in my bladder and not peeing. I found that standing made the urge worse so I had to sit and wait for the croud to dissipate before making a dash for the restroom. Rather ruined the evening actually. Anyway it got me thinking and I figured well why not wear a diaper. That was the easy decision.

    The next problem was how was my wife going to react. So I decided that each time we were out, if I had the need to pee that I would let her know. So after going out and having to go I would on the way home say something along the lines of "gee its frustrating. I always have to go pee in the middle of whatever". Or "That movie went so long I didn't enjoy the last bit because I needed to pee". I also decided that I would tell her that I was worried that one day I might not make it to the toilet in time.

    Finally I decided that I had to get on with it. So one day when we had decided to have an evening out I mentioned to her that I often end up not enjoying things because of the need to pee and that I was worried that one day I would not make it and that I would embarass my self. I said that I was thinking about buying an adult diaper. She thought the idea was silly. You are not serious are you was the sort of thing she was saying. I left it at that and moved onto actually going and buying some.

    Buying some was not easy. There was an aborted trip to the supermarket. No way was I going to stand there and read the packets. I looked on the net waded through all the rubbish and read information about the two brands that seem available here (Tena and Depends). Then offerred to the wife that I would do the shopping. Picked a time when the supermarket was pretty empty. Halff filled the trolley with groceries then pushed the trolley down the isle grabed the pack and put it in the trolley in amongst the food items. As I hoped the checkout girl took no notice.

    I took them home and 'hid' them in my bottom draw. When we dressed, I put one on. I looked every which way in the mirror to see if it was visible and decided that they really are not visible. We went out. Had dinner. Went to the movies. In the middle of the movie needed to pee. Held it. I realised something. I did not trust the diaper. What if it leaked. At the end of the movie went to the toilet. On the way home I told my wife that I had worn a nappy. She was not impressed. I learned actually that one thing was not to call it a nappy. I discovered that I should call it protection.

    I decided that I needed to know if they worked. I started wearing them each day to work. Then one day when I got home, no one else was home so I decided to just pee in it. I left it on and did a few odd jobs. So far so good. Then peed again. Eventually it was too full and when I sat, I ended up with a wet back side where it squeezed out round the leg openings. That was good to know. Don't fill it too full. It seemed like one large wetting was all that I could really use it for but since that seemed reasonable because usually the problem was being stuck in a movie or concert. I continued to wear them everyday basically as underpants. I would go to the toilet as normal. I had planned to wear the one pair continuously until I really did get caught short but they don't last long. It seemed like leaving them dry and they would fall apart after about two days use anyway. To get confidence in their use, I would usually wet once or twice a week. Usually on the day before the bins were collected and I would slip it straight into the street bin. This went on for about two months. I became quite comfortable and confident that I knew how much they would hold. It was actually quite convienient on occasion just to go when i felt like it. I also found that at times of stress like when I was working on something that just was not comming together I would just wet myself. Sounds disgusting when I say it like that but that was the way it was. Another thing is that it seems that they are not much good when lying down. I tried wearing them to bed to save getting up in the night but no matter what I did they always seemed to leak.

    After about three months I decided that I should stop. Not sure why. In one way it makes life easier but in another way it is harder. Sure you don't need to go to the toilet if you don't have to you can just wet your self. On the other hand you have to remember how full it is and as it gets fuller you wonder if it will leak. I found that if I was wearing it, I would just use it. So I did stop wearing them regularly but I keep a packet at home and whenever I go out to anywhere like a concert, or flying. I always wear them. In fact any travel I always wear them. That way it does not matter if I am stuck on a plane or in traffic I don't worry.

    My wife knows that I wear them. I do not think she is all that excited about it.

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    Ayden, thank you for sharing an intimate side of you. It can be difficult, but very releasing emotionally. So,
    welcome to the site! This site was created so all of us can express our life story. However, please tell more about yourself. Hobbies, interests, etc., so we all know other sides of you.
    Thnx, and again, welcome!

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    Hi there,

    Hobbies - Electronics,
    Other interests - Sailing, Bush Walking, Camping
    Also family stuff with the wife and kids.

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    In Australia, we refer to forest as bush. So bush walking is going for a walk in a forest or at least on land that is not in the city. No houses around.

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