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Thread: The best romatic day ever...

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    Default The best romatic day ever...

    Well I'm curious...
    In your deepest fantasies. What is a perfect day of romance and love making?
    Not how hard do you like it and form where... But, for you... what is a good day of romantic activity? Be it cuddling, a candle lit dinner followed by making love,
    or an impromptu pounce straight onto the bed?

    I will post mine after a few answers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drew View Post
    I will post mine after a few answers.
    Aww, well that hardly seems fair!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukie View Post
    Aww, well that hardly seems fair!
    I'm nervous Xp.... Its embarrassing and girly...

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    AW It's ok and whats the worste someone good do? go around saying OMG this guy named drake wants this to happen... um... there are probably well over 10 million people named drake on the interwebz XD.

    Well anyways my day would start off with a romantic breakfast probably near a lake or on a dock or something, then go to a movie, probably make out XD, eat lunch at a fancy restaurant then talk for a while there. Go to the park where we would walk and talk. Then go on some sort of boat ride, once done go home, have a ncie candle lit dinner, where after wards we would both shower together, just pretty much hold each other the whole shower. Then go to bed probably have really WONDERFUL sex, and sleep XD.

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    Uhh, Lots of sex. Lots of awesome things. Lots of stuff that I've never had.

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    Screw all that cliche candelight walking along the beach bullcrap.

    I'd stay curled up in bed half the day with my loved one, before going out to a nice place for lunch, and then heading back home to cuddle up again on a couch, watching a movie, and then progressing onto the naughty stuff. XD

    Oh yeah, I know how to work the ladies. *nods slyly*

    Seriously though, to me, every day would be romantic because you'd get to be with your loved one!

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    Sleeping in pretty late together, and then a quiet breakfast (Or no breakfast at all). Then we would just run around town visiting places that bring back memories. Eat lunch out somewhere, then continue to run around town... We would go home and eat dinner there, then we would relax with video games or TV. Shower together, then straight to the bedroom. Sex is optional... (not necessary) But there will be lots of cuddling. Then we would sleep together, probably with her sleeping on top of me if she could... That's just very comfortable for me...

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    Does the librarian from Tomcats give anyone a mental image...Just without the Grandma part.

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    I had thought out what I was going to say...And then I got an eyelash in my eye, and with contacts on that is painful as hell...But let's see...I think I would just enjoy being with a girl, doing whatever...I especially think I would like to just sit there and hug/sit with each other and just like, watch a movie or something...Getting something out to eat sounds good too...I'm not all too eager to have sex though, even though I don't know if I'm a firm believer of abstinence until marriage...

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