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Thread: I wonder if Kate Middleton wore diapers

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    Default I wonder if Kate Middleton wore diapers

    under her wedding dress.

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    Knowing the amount of money they have, I think it's more plausible that she hired somebody to take care of her 'bodily wastes'. Hell, I know I would.

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    . . .
    Wasn't there already a stupid topic about bridal diapers... It's an urban legend. Unless she's incontinent, I severely doubt she would Y_Y

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    Quote Originally Posted by vantran View Post
    under her wedding dress.
    Let's just say she did.

    Now what?

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    I'm sure the last thing she would do in front of a global audience of approx. 2 billion people, in front of the nation she will one day be queen of, is wear a diaper under her dress.

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    I agree... I strongly doubt she wear a diaper. I am sure she was told to make sure she need to go to bathroom prior to slipping into the dress and probably wouldn't drink much beforehand too to avoid the bathroom break for hours.

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