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Thread: Anyway I can make Adult diapers smell like pampers?

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    Default Anyway I can make Adult diapers smell like pampers?

    Alright I"m wondering if I keep my adult diapers in a bag with along with pampers (without their packaging) thing it's possible to make the adult ones smell like pampers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizz View Post
    Mommie's Diaper Fresh and Powder Fresh Scents

    I should be getting my order some time next week
    Sounds awesome you should really post a review when you get them!

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    I use Johnson's Baby bedtime powder it is a new product, i just love it. They do a bedtime cream as well if you prefer. I just sprinkle some into my nappies everytime i need to change my bum. Give it ago. It is available here in the uk, but i am not sure about anywhere else.

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    I found two good ways for getting the pampers/luvs sent...

    1) Buy a small pack of pampers or luvs and store them with your normal adult diapers in an air tight container. Somthing like one of those plastic bins works great. It takes a few days for the pampers/luvs to "pollinate" the adult diapers but it seems to work out well. The longer the diapers are stored together the better the scent gets.

    2) Another (more immediate) option is to buy a product called "8 in 1 Perfect Coat Studio Freshening Spray" from your local pet store. I came across this one by accident because my wife bought it for our dog. I came home one day and our house smelled totally baby fresh! I couldn't figure out what it was but then I found the little spray bottle with our dogs bath supplies. Give your diaper a few sprays with this stuff and you are all set. Give this one a try and let me know what you think.
    8 in 1 Perfect Coat Studio Freshening Sprays at PETCO (Be sure to get the baby powder scent) ;-)

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    Easyest way is to put a pampers inside your adult diaper, it will smell like a papmers and add adsorbancey.

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