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Thread: up or down?

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    Question up or down?

    So I just recently got my first pack of "adult" sized, which of course has multiple tapes on each side. And I thought to myself does it really matter so I thought I'd pose the question to you all:

    When taping, do you go from top to bottom, or bottom to top?
    Also I guess: Do you alternate sides or one side at a time?

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    bottom to top

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    Wow this topic is much cleaner than what my pervy mind though it'd be.

    I have never used adult diapers, but I imagine it doesn't matter that much, or at all. If it mattered, I think they'd but it on the package.

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    same here: bottom to top (first both bottom tapes...)

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    I honestly do top-to-bottom. That way, the diaper holds on my hips while I adjust it to fit my legs. It's less hassle for me. Ultimately, I'm not sure it really matters. As long as it works for you, right?

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    I suspect it depends on whether you're lying down or standing up to change. I start lying down, and secure the bottom tapes, then stand up to do the top.

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    I usually always do the bottom tapes first and then do the top tapes.

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    When I first started I knew that bottom to top was the preferred method but found top to bottom to be easier. Now that I'm more practiced I still think top to bottom is easier but bottom to top affords a better fit.

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