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Thread: iPhone app for finding diapers

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    Default iPhone app for finding diapers

    Just an idea I've been thinking about for a while.

    I live in the UK and I've found that diapers aren't always that easy to find. Up until recently the only shops around me that I knew that sold diapers is a handful of mobility shops aimed at old people.

    I drive around a lot for my job so just out of curiosity I started checking any pharmacies I came across. To my surprise there are quite a few places stocking premium brands like Tena.

    Getting to the point, wouldn't it be cool if we could gather all this information in an iPhone app/online service? Using the magic of gps you could search for who stocks what in your area.

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    Well, I doubt anyone is really going to make an app like that, unless its targeted towards those with incontience ^^;. The most I can think of is an app that will tell you where most Pharmacies/Chemists are located and the maps app on your iPhone or Android phone will tell you that just by putting in the word Pharmacy or Chemist ^^;. Though unlike us who mainly have Depends in most of our stores and Pharmacys, you have a much higher chance of finding something like Abriforms.

    But I am guessing that like here in the US, the best place to get diapers is online but I am not sure of the online stores that are in the UK. I know here in the US you can get Bambinos or you can go to to get the Abriform M4s or the Dry 24/7s ^^;.

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    Making an app isn't hard, if you have a Mac and Xcode its very, very possible. I am happy to help with this project

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    Yes was more thinking about making it myself. It's not likely that someone else would go to the trouble of making such an app. Got Xcode loaded to go my mac. Just a matter of putting in the time.

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    Easier to just use Google Maps and have a public map and just let people add to it when they see something. Perhaps using a layer would be easier... Something like this would be so much easier.

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