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    Fairly new to buying diapers, and although there are many topics were to buy and purchase type and size etc......

    Please can anyone recommend a good uk site or shop to buy my first stash, I would want the best brand available, and my friend does not go well with or like pullups, so please if you can help or give any advice all would be very appreciated.

    My friend is about a 38inc waist.

    many thanks


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    The best brand depends largely on what kind of diaper you are looking for, and how much you are willing to spend. Bambino diapers (available here: : Items 1 to 5 of 5 items shown in the category 'Bambino Diapers') are very popular - they are thick, absorbant, crinkly and have cute baby prints. The downside, however, is that they are a specialised AB diaper (plus imported from the US) and as such they are quite expensive.

    The three best disposable nappies available in the UK are probably:

    Abena X-Plus (or SL/M4/L4/XL4) - Most people really like these, and they are certainly recommended within the community. They are thick, crinkly and very absorbent.

    Tena Slip Maxi - They are not as thick as Abena, but they also score highly in terms of absorbency. Their tapes are excellent - very strong and refastanable.

    Molicaire Super Plus - Similar absorbency to Tena, perhaps slightly thicker. (It's hard to say without having the diapers to compare) Also popular within the AB/DL community.

    Which would best suit you probably depends on your needs and the size/shape of the wearer. Personally i find Tena the most comfortable and best fitting for me, but I know others hate the fit of Tena. I find Molicaire to be quite uncomfortable, but I don't think others have this problem. Finding the right brand can take some trial and error.

    Anyway, I buy my nappies from here: Abri-Form Diapers, All-in-One - Abena Range Adult Incontinence Wear, Pads / Diapers

    They sell all of the above brands, and if you order before 1pm Monday-Thursday they offer next day delivery. They deliver in discreet packaging, but their address label does mention 'nursing supplies' so if somebody else is likely to be receiving your mail and may inspect the label that may be a problem. I have also ordered Bambinos from the site linked to at the top, and they arrived within about 3 working days in discreet packaging. They sell Tenas as well.

    As for which size to get, at 38inches your friend will probably be a size medium in most nappies, but all websites should list the sizes of their nappies so you should be able to check the size against their information there to be sure.

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    These are all sites found in UK! Good luck at finding what you want.
    Cosy n Dry - Adult Baby Clothing, Adult Babywear, Ageplay Products and Much More

    Inner Child

    Big Baby Fun : Welcome

    Cuddlz ABDL Adult Nappy Diapers Store

    Also the following does ship Internationally. I only mention it because they have wonderful AB/DL style diapers: Home Page - The Worlds Best AB/DL Superstore

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    There are some really good on-line suppliers in the UK.

    For quality, speed of deliver, descreetness try

    Good luck buying.

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    Well Thank you all for your replies already.....

    That has certainly given me something to think about and helps narrow down my research.
    I really do like the look of the Bambino Diapers but as you all seem to say they come out quiet expensive for a pack of 8 @ 15.99 and without carriage.

    I will find this all very helpful and hopefully be able to let you all know how I get on over the coming week's.

    I guess another concern would be taking in the delivery of very large packages it may make the neighbours curtains twitch they are very nosey..... but hey thats something I guess I will just have to work around.



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    Quote Originally Posted by dprdinky View Post
    I might order the 2x pack they do, for a laugh.

    Quote Originally Posted by Incontinent17 View Post

    There are some really good on-line suppliers in the UK.

    For quality, speed of deliver, descreetness try

    Good luck buying.
    Good service that one. Ordered before 1pm and they are here the next day.

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    I have to recommend abena x-plus's as well, along with the link babyjess gave. are a great site, quite cheap for the case. And they always deliver on time, order by 2-3pm and it's next day delivery .

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