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Thread: Your biggest infanitlism related regret?

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    Default Your biggest infanitlism related regret?

    Mine is the fact that I've been an infantilist since I was 15, So I was like in the damn age group for goodnites. They where made for me..... so what's the problem? I went for Adult diapers instead.... Yeap now I'm wearing goodnites but I just wonder how much better they would have been if I was wearing them earlier in my life.

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    letting so many people know when I was younger. I was so careless about it. Even changed into a Pull-up outside when I was about 7 or 8. Several classmates saw. They eventually forgot about it.

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    Not being more up front with my wife (then girlfriend) about how deep I was into the world of regression :-/

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    Being too chicken to tell people about me in a face-to-face perspective. I always resorted to texting, even when telling my current girlfriend...

    I kinda hate the fact that I even have a cellphone, texting is ruining the art of conversation and I'm along for the ride.


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    at certain points, being so enthralled by the idea that it nearly consumed me

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    Not telling my family sooner and having to live feeling guilty/shameful of my desires for several years.

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    Butterfly Mage


    My biggest regret was living in fear for as long as I did. Nobody looks at you funny when you buy diapers -- particularly not the cashier!

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    Similar to the OP but when I first got into this I could have fitted into baby diapers. But I waited far too long before buying for the first time so I went for Drynites.

    Another regret is not buying more often. I've actually worn a tiny number of times.

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    Not telling my fiance sooner. I'm sure it would have been harder for me, but it would have been easier on her.

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    My first thought was wondering if I had any regrets about how I have actually carried out these desires. Essentially, I do not. In fact, I have some regrets for not embracing it sooner...and even for some missed opportunities at repressed inclinations back when I was a teenager.
    However, I would say that there are times I've 'done my thing' in secret and lied to my wife about it (mostly by just not telling her, yet all the while she believed that I was continuing to be open with her). Even though I regret it, I'm not sure I would have the willpower to do it differently if I could try again.

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