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    Just saw there conset on july 5th any one else watch it?
    Fitrst time i have ever seen them live.

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    I've never seen Iron Maiden live, but they rock. I'd love to see them some time. I bet the concert was awesome. What did you think?

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    Iron Maiden is a kickass band but I never seen them live. I want to one of these days.

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    They got this huge mummy out that had explosions coming out of it's eye's. The even got eddie (the mascott out). It was great.

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    I was there. ; ] I even got on the big telly!

    It was an phenomenal gig, definitely one to remember. Where you on the pitch or on seating? You never know we could have stood next to each other.

    That marks my second time seeing Maiden, first time in Sheffield during the AMOLAD tour. Just twiddle our fingers for the next studio album now.
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    I was in the sitting top right. There were 4 of us. I was wearing a trooper top.

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    I have seen them live 2 times in like 2003 and 2004, the last one of them was the Dance of Death tour and the one before I think was for their compliation cd, King Edward the great its called I think, anyway both of them was great! I even got a used drumstick that the drummer threw out! ^^

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