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Thread: diapers and sports?

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    Default diapers and sports?

    Ok I'm wondering if anyone knows any good brands for atheltic activitys, like running, biking, ect. Does anyone know a good brand or type I could use in these events.

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    I'd recommend something like a goodnight. They're thin, discreet, and it'd probably be kind of comfortable. If you wanted to use them while riding, I would disapprove, but Incant really tell you what to do.

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    I've gone out biking in a cloth diaper and plastic pants. It actually worked out quite well. I loved the feeling.

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    For me when i go out and do anything from tennis to dancing, I am using depends fitted briefs. But truthfully, they get really sweaty... they are nice but after awhile they jus get really smelly..

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    As far as biking goes, unless you're a really serious cyclist you probably won't need to change anything. I've worn while riding across town, couple of miles. Only on a real bike ride, in more rugged territory, say 10+ miles, would I advise you to wear regular underwear, as I imagine chafing could get pretty bad.

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    Honestly, if your a dl, I would not recommend it at all. Physical activity where chafing will probably occur (sports) is an easy way to get a rash, and they arn't very plesant. I would suggest that maybe you wear a diaper for a short run just so you know if your going to be alright or not. However I would not reccomend this at all as rashes can be quite painful.

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    I'm using the mobile site so I can't see where you are located. Id you are in the States then you might try the Molicare Air Active. They are a plastic-backed diaper but the sides are breathable & feature elastisized tapes.

    If you are located in Europe then you might try the Attends 10 active which are a similar style diaper but have a single wide tape attached to a stretchy side panel. The very ends of the wings portion of the diaper feature velcro that secures the elastic portion of the panel while the tape attaches to the front panel just like any other diaper

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    I found that any good brand of disposable diaper works for a active life style. Plenty of baby powder to help prevent chafing. Change diaper as often as it need changing.
    If you like swimming, I would not recomend a disposable diaper for use while at a public pool, purchase a swim diaper.

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    I've been wanting to try Abena pull-ups for physical activity. I haven't yet, though, so no clue how well they hold up. I imagine they would allow for better mobility than tape-on diapers.

    I've worn Bambinos and Dry 24/7 for light biking, and they hold up. They're more prone to press-out because of the bike seat, so don't let them get too wet, but it's otherwise fine. For mountain biking, which tends to require a lot more movement than just riding on flat-ish pavement, I once tried wearing a Bambino. Wow, that was a mistake. It pretty much got shredded and padding was falling out. I'm thinking only a cloth diaper (preferably thin) will hold up for that kind of activity.

    I've never actually gotten chafed as a result of wearing a diaper while doing sports. Either I have tough skin, or the Desitin + powder I use really work well.

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