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Thread: Pimples?

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    Default Pimples?

    Has anybody else had this problem? After wearing for extended periods of time I get these pimples on my hips and they are sometimes there for a couple days at a time. I think it's because of the sweat caused by the plastic. Anybody else have this problem and anybody have a solution aside from cloth backed diapers?

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    i have the same problem. i dont know what to do to help serry

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    I used to have the same problem. The thing that solved it for me was using a baby wipe to clean my diaper area every time I changed.

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    I've had problems with posterior acne before, though it wasn't at a time when I was wearing.
    Here's my advice:
    If you can, let your bottom 'air out' for at least thirty minutes after every time you take your clothes off. This means before/after showers, after diaper changes, when you go to bed, etc. This may not help much, because your hips don't get a bunch of body oils on them anyway, if you're talking about the outermost part of them. Still, couldn't hurt.
    Also, it seems pretty mild at this point, they don't last long, and they're small(at times I've had ones the size of shooter marbles) but if it gets worse, see a doctor about it. You'd probably get an antibiotic pill of some sort, such as clindamycin or doxycycline, and possibly some topical cream.

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    Yeah, I fixed it with Accutane. Now I've got a hole in my liver, (dramatized) and I don't get any pimples anywhere...

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    I see the same thing from time to time, usually on the sides of my hips. I assume it's partly from the lack of air circulation (or perhaps sweat build-up?) due to the wings of the diapers being unpadded plastic. A little sprinkle of baby powder on my hips before diapering seems to prevent it.

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    If you like plastic-backed diapers you might try the Molicare air active, I just discovered them recently. They are plastic-backed everywere but the sides/wings which are made of a breathable material. They work great in the Summer-time here in the desert where temps are regularly 110 degrees and up. They are pretty close to the Super Plus and can hold almost as much too.

    That might help to keep your hips dry.

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    I went 24/7 for a week with no issues, then wore once a week later and that gave me a string of pimples right along where the leak guards were touching. I suspect it's because I didn't use powder that time.

    My method for getting rid of it was to stop wearing, dry the area well after showering, and alternate putting powder or anti rash cream on it. It cleared up 100% after about a week.

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    Well, for preventing it, put baby powder on your hips (not too much, mind you) and wipe there after every change as well. Keeping the area clean and wiping off the sweat and dead skin helps. And don't forget to air out once in a while! Your skin needs rest.

    If all else fails, though, I suppose you can get a body acne wash and scrub some on while you're in the shower. I use the proactiv body wash on my back and shoulders, where I get some really painful and unsightly blemishes from my hair, and it seems to help.

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    Best thing to avoid or minimise this is to change your diaper often, clean the whole erea well and let the skin breath a little. A cloth diaper can help. Urine on the skin can also make those pimples. So if your diaper is of poor quality, don't stay in a wet one, at all.

    I've been in diapers 24h a day for up to 2 weeks and I can tell you, if you are not efficient in your higiene, you will get bad skin reaction.

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