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Thread: Are you primarily a people person?

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    Default Are you primarily a people person?

    Would you strike a conversation with a stranger if there was an blatant shared interest between you say a band t-shirt, browsing the same games, music genre aisle etc... or do you prefer to say nothing and go about your merry unsociable way?

    Normally I wouldn't, I have friends who jump on any occasion to chat with somebody, the greater of the time it just comes across as awkward and embarrassing so I tend to avoid it unless someone approaches me first or looks confident enough to cope with small talk.

    I'm trying to improve, afterall you never know when you've involuntarily missed an awesome person that you could have known if you said 'hi...'

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    I don't know. I guess it depends. I don't normally chat with strangers unless there is a shared interest. Like, we are in the same class or are browsing the same section in a store or something.

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    Easily. I'm a natural with people.

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    Oh never... I would never really start a conversation with a random person, and I suck at small talk. I'm bad with hairdressers too, they always make small talk, I like people to be nice and quiet.

    Although if somebody strikes me as interesting, I might say something... I dunno, it doesn't happen often. I'm pretty shy around people I don't know.

    ... Unless I was drunk or something. Then I'm more of a people person.

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    No. Not at all. I wouldn't know what to say. It would be kinda awkward. Every once in a while someone will say something to me. I'll act friendly and try to reply, but then it gets quiet when I don't know what to say next. x_x

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    Oh yes.

    I talk to strangers on the elevator just for the heck of it. If there is a shared interest, like if we are browsing the same store, or something I always do, as well. (If it's convenient and they don't look like they're in a hurry!) I really love to talk, and talk to people, because it's awesome.

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    In younger years I was never outgoing with people I didn't know. I still don't feel comfortable in large gatherings, be it family or just friends. It's something I've tried working on, and have made some improvements. Sometimes I will now strike up a small talk conversation with a stranger. Though, if it comes down to a yes or no answer I'd have to say generally no, not a people person.


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